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Turquoise tiled wall around a sink

Crogiolo Lume tiles by Marazzi

Dezeen Showroom: based on the look of handmade tiles, Crogiolo Lume by Marazzi highlights the beauty of natural colour variation.

The Crogiolo Lume tiles are available in several deep, mottled colours and in an unusually elongated format of six by 24 centimetres, so they create a distinctive finish.

Kitchen with black rectangular tiles on the splashback
Crogiolo Lume tiles have a high-gloss finish

They are modelled on the densely glazed handmade majolica tiles of the Mediterranean, but are given an update in Marazzi's state-of-the-art factories.

The tiles boast straight edges that enable nearly joint-free installation, and they are frost proof and resistant to deep abrasion. The range comes in six colours: white black, green, blue, musk and greige.

Beige grey tiles show natural variation
There is a natural variation of colour

Marazzi recommends Crogiolo Lume for walls, although floors are also a possibility in private homes with a low level of traffic.

The Lume tiles are part of Marazzi's Crogiolo collection, named after its first factory, The Crogiolo, which was later transformed into the brand's experimentation division.

Product: Crogiolo Lume
Designer: Marazzi
Brand: Marazzi
Contact: [email protected]

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