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Matt and polished brass light switch faceplate by Kelly Hoppen for Focus SB

Kelly Hoppen light switch faceplates by Focus SB

Dezeen Showroom: Kelly Hoppen has created a self-titled range of light switch faceplates for Focus SB, which can be used to add "jewellery-like details" to an interior.

The Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB collection presents an alternative to traditional plastic electrical accessories, introducing contrasting metallic textures and subtle details in shades of black, gold and silver.

Black light switch with gold corner detail by Kelly Hoppen
Corner (above) and Fifty Fifty (top image) are among five designs in the Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB collection

Among the five different faceplate designs are Fifty Fifty, which combines brushed and polished textures, and Corner, which has a contrasting detail on just one tip.

Dot has a restrained Braille-like pattern while Pinstripe is bisected by two vertical lines and Plank is grooved to resemble wood panels.

"I wanted to create something that would very much be part of the overall design, introducing jewellery-like details and alternative finishes," said Hoppen.

Black Plank faceplate with gold switch by Focus SB
Plank was designed to resemble wooden slats

Hoppen's faceplates can be paired with Focus SB's new Contemporary toggle switch, as well as its push-button, rocker and rotary-dimmer switches.

The British manufacturer specialises in luxury electrical accessories finished in metal and manufactured to order in East Sussex.

Product: Kelly Hoppen by Focus SB
Designer: Kelly Hoppen
Brand: Focus SB
Contact: [email protected]

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