Black Bacus trolley by Iain Sinclair

Bacus drinks trolley by Iain Sinclair

Dezeen Showroom: created by furniture and lighting designer Iain Sinclair for his namesake brand, Bacus is a trolley that functions as both storage furniture and a bar cart that serves drinks.

Bacus is made from a C-shaped sheet of aluminium with a slim rod at the centre. Users can place circular trays on the rod at adjustable heights.

Silver Bacus trolley by Iain Sinclair with three trays and wine glass holder
Bacus has storage components designed for serving drinks

The trolley features a narrow profile designed to fit alongside kitchen worktops and lockable wheels for easy manoeuvring.

"Bacus is an elegant and versatile serving machine with adjustable shelves and accessible features for wine, cocktail glasses and bar tools," said Iain Sinclair.

Close up of the drink-serving components on the Bacus trolley
The trolley is available in satin and matte black finishes

"Bacus is equally suitable for serving teas and as a general-purpose furniture item that is highly functional in homes, offices, hotels and restaurants," the designer continued.

The aluminium trolley is available in satin or matte black finishes and comes with components designed for serving drinks, including glass holders and pull-out storage trays.

Product: Bacus
Brand: Iain Sinclair
Contact: [email protected]

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