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David Beckham Maserati

David Beckham designs pair of Maseratis informed by his "passion for classic cars"

Former footballer David Beckham has designed a pair of sports cars for Italian brand Maserati, which were informed by classic cars and tailoring and are exclusively revealed here.

Created as the first edition in Maserati's Fuoriserie Essentials collection, the two cars were designed using the brand's customisation program and will be available for customers to purchase.

David Beckham-designed Maserati
David Beckham has designed a pair of cars for Maserati

"I have always loved cars, so to be part of designing and creating my own Fuoriserie collection has been an amazing experience," said Beckham.

"It has been incredible to collaborate with the skilled Maserati team once again to create these designs, inspired by my passion for classic cars and my appreciation for personal detail."

David Beckham-designed Maserati
For one design he was informed by Maserati's Quattroporte Royale

According to the brand, each of the cars was informed by a historic Maserati and designed as an extension to Beckham's "Savile Row sartorial wardrobe".

The first car was informed by the 1986 Maserati Quattroporte Royale, of which there were only 51 produced. For Beckham's homage, he choose a dark green-hued exterior described by Maserati as Verde Royale, with warm-toned brown leather upholstery.

Maserati Ghibli coupé
His other design was informed by the Ghibli coupé

Beckham's second design was informed by the 1967 Maserati Ghibli coupé. For this design, his exterior is Night Interaction blue with tan-coloured internal leather.

Both of the designs will be available on all vehicles in Maserati's range.

The release aims to demonstrate the capabilities of Maserati's customisation program.

It is the first Fuoriserie Essentials collection, which will see taste makers designing vehicles using Maserati's customisation program, which will be made available to customers.

Maserati sports car in Night Interaction blue
The car was designed in Night Interaction blue

"Fuoriserie means 'custom-built' in Italian, and our Trident's customisation program is conceived to create singular experiences for our clients," said Maserati head of design Klaus Busse.

"Our wish here is for them to express their personality and passion by creating their very own Maserati. Just like David, everyone can choose from a wide range of personalisation features from our Fuoriserie Corse collection, inspired by Maserati's glorious racing heritage, and from our Fuoriserie Futura collection, dedicated to lovers of technology and new materials."

David Beckham's wardrobe
According to the brand, the car was informed by Beckham's wardrobe

Maserati recently presented a customised version of it first fully-electric car, the GranTurismo Folgore, at Milan design week. Speaking to Dezeen, Maserati's CEO Davide Grasso explained how the brand believes that its electric vehicles will be as fun to drive as its combustion engine-powered cars.

"If the majority of the electric cars are dull – I'm not saying that, but it's what I'm hearing from you – then this is an opportunity for us," he said.