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Detail of white sofa in living space

Lapis sofa by Amura Lab

Dezeen Showroom: Italian furniture brand Amura Lab worked with designers Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell on a modular sofa with rounded components informed by cobblestones.

The Lapis sofa's frameless design and lozenge-shaped cushions give the impression that it has been weathered into shape by the elements, providing a soft and inviting place to lounge.

Living space with white sofa and basket lights hanging above
Lapis sofa's modules have a rounded silhouette

The sofa's modularity and sculptural appearance allows it to be configured in a range of ways, from traditional sofa-shaped arrangements to irregular conversation pit-style combinations.

Memory foam padding is intended to help the modules retain their characteristic shape.

Detail of white sofa in living space
The sofa's absence of a visible frame creates a relaxed impression

The sofa comes in a wide selection of fabrics and leathers, from neutral linen to muted green and blue-toned leathers.

Product: Lapis sofa
Designers: Emanuel Gargano and Anton Cristell
Amura Lab
[email protected]

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Detail of white sofa in living space
Detail of white sofa in living space