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Arc stool by Juntos

Arc stool by Juntos

Dezeen Showroom: designed to bring attention to a typically humble item of furniture, the Arc stool is the signature piece from the inaugural collection by US studio Juntos.

The Arc stool has a sculptural appearance created by its gently curved seat and angled legs, which is combined with a mottled colour that Juntos describes as showing a "sensual approach".

Arc stool by Juntos
The Arc stool is the signature piece from Juntos' first collection

The stool's angled legs create a ridge for the hand under the seat, making the stool easy to pick up and move, while the dipped surface brings added comfort to the sitter.

The Arc stool is available in three colours, including the dark blue Tide, deep purple Tinto, and greenish colour named Lichen that has a more hazy wash of colour.

Arc stool by Juntos
It is available in three colours, including Lichen. Photo courtesy of Juntos

Launched at this year's International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) at New York Design Week, Juntos' first collection is made to order or produced in small quantities by skilled craftspeople in Maine.

The studio was founded by designers María Daniela Huiza and Abraham Bendheim, who aim to blend influences from Caracas, Venezuela and New Hampshire, USA.

The photography is by William Jess Laird unless stated.

Product: Arc
Designer: Juntos
Contact: [email protected]

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