Master Programme in Architecture and Urbanism at ARCHIP

The Master Programme in Architecture and Urbanism at ARCHIP prepares students for architectural careers with one-on-one design teaching and training in communicating with industry professionals.

School: ARCHIP (Architectural Institute in Prague)
Course: Master Programme in Architecture and Urbanism
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Course dates: September 2023 to June 2025
Application deadline: 31 March 2023

The master's programme at ARCHIP is a two-year graduate professional degree programme.

While independent from the bachelor programme, the two programmes are linked within the interdisciplinary studio environment.

We place emphasis on an intense integration of each semester, incorporating all aspects of architectural practice through design, history, theory and research.

It provides an in-depth understanding of the field with a focus on practical and project-based work.

Architectural design is the cornerstone of our graduate programme, enabling the students to work closely with their tutors – who are themselves practising architects – on a specific project that incorporates various aspects of architectural practice.

Urban design teaches students the broad theoretical principles of development, life and design of a complex urban system.

Our graduate students also receive training in methods of communication with both private and public investors, consultants and stakeholders, to prepare them for professional practice.

Up to half of all study hours take the form of one-on-one consultations with the tutor. Thanks to the small number of graduate students in one year, our students benefit from intensive and highly personalised contact with our faculty members.

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Top image: courtesy of ARCHIP.

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