Temple to Perspective by Tom Greenall and Jordan Hodgson for Alain de Botton

Following last week's announcement that writer Alain de Botton plans to build a series of temples for atheists, here are some more images of the first structure planned for the City of London.

Each centimetre of the hollow stone tower's 46 metre height will represent a million years of the earth's existence so far, while a millimetre-thick band of gold around the base will denote how long humans have been part of that history.

Images of the Temple to Perspective and other temples designed by architects Tom Greenall and Jordan Hodgson are included in de Botton’s latest book, Religion for Atheists - find out more in our earlier Dezeen Wire.

Since we announced news of the proposals last week, Guardian critic Steve Rose has described them as unlikely to "convince any religious adherent to cross over", while Dezeen readers found them "beautiful", "perplexing" and "a waste of time" in equal measures - join the debate here.

Here's some more text from Tom Greenall:

Temple to Perspective

Standing 46-metres tall and in the heart of the City of London, the temple represents the entire history of life on earth: each centimetre of its height equates to one million years of life. One metre from the ground, a single line of gold - no more than a millimetre thick - represents the entire existence of humankind. A visit to the temple is intended to leave one with a renewed sense of perspective.