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Marcus Fairs

Rupinder Bhogal

Senior management

Benedict Hobson
Chief content officer

Wai Shin Li
Chief revenue officer


Margot Stokes
Head of sales and business development

Ryan Ward
Senior sales manager

Alexandra Rolfe
Sales manager

Chloe Simon
US sales representative

Anne Leathers
US sales representative

Libby O'Brien
Sales operations coordinator


Tom Ravenscroft

Cajsa Carlson
Deputy editor

Christina Yao
China editor

Nat Barker
Features editor

Jennifer Hahn
Design and environment reporter

Alice Finney
Design reporter

Lizzie Crook
Architecture reporter

James Parkes
Editorial assistant

Jane Englefield
Editorial assistant

Anna Marks
Partnerships editor

Amina Amber
Acting Dezeen Showroom editor/content manager


Karen Anderson
Digital and engagement editor

Daria Casalini
Social media editor

Rebecca Grove
Head of development

Serena Lawrance
Marketing and press assistant

Kate McCusker
Digital assistant

Dezeen Studio

Oliver Manzi
Head of video

Calum Lindsay
Lead producer

Sebastian Jordahn
Content producer

Francesca Tesler
Video content producer

Dezeen Jobs

Chanelle Eaton
Head of classified sales

Juliette Myzak-Douglas
Classified sales coordinator

Alice Laycock
Classified editorial assistant

Grace Nikobari
Event partnership and sales representative

Dezeen Awards

Elisa Barkan
Dezeen Awards coordinator

Florence Wright
Dezeen Awards coordinator


Shelbey Joyce
Executive assistant