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DAS Studio converts Parisian printing factory into indoor cycling studio

The concrete structure of an old printing factory in Paris has been exposed by DAS Studio as part of the building's transformation into a studio for spinning classes (+ slideshow).

The Let's Ride workout space is located in the French capital's 11th arrondissement, and is one of the first spinning studios in the city, according to the Paris-based designers.

The team began its renovation by stripping back the interior, revealing concrete pillars, electrical cabling and ventilation ducts. They paired these with simple white-painted partition walls.

"We conserved selected remnants to accentuate [the building's] raw beauty," said the designers. "The original pillars and residual walls breathe life into the new partitions and punctuate the white spaces of the studio."

Copper-coloured tube lights hang from the ceiling throughout, casting a bright glow across the white walls, while inspirational mantras made from solid copper and neon lights adorn the walls of the corridors and foyer.

While the majority of the gym is bright white, the main cycling studio is completely black – lit only by bright neon lights.

"The actual cycling room is a dark and intimate space," said DAS Studio.

"The intense and localised lighting (designed by NYX) is synchronised with the soundtrack during the ride, reflecting the pulping heart of the project under the feverish effort required by the exercise."

Studio C102 similarly added black walls and neon lighting to a workout studio in London to make going to the gym feel like a night out.

In the changing rooms, long casted concrete sinks are paired with simple oak furniture and exposed copper pipes.

Oak is also used in the entrance foyer to create both a reception desk and a long window-mounted table.

Other unusual gym interiors include a Kuwait boxing gym with curved glass walls and mezzanine level, and a day spa-cum-gym in Vietnam with white latticed screens.