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Venediktov by Special Project

Bold colours feature on walls inside Kyiv flat by Special Project Venediktov

Special Project Venediktov has reorganised an apartment inside a Kyiv high-rise, using different shades of green and blue to define each area.

Situated on the 30th floor of one of the highest buildings in the Ukrainian capital, the apartment features panoramic windows that offer expansive views of the city and Dnieper River.

The Kyiv-based architecture firm, headed up by Oleksii Venediktov, was asked to redesign the space to better suit a young family. Their brief was for an "individual design".

"The customers asked us to create an individual design, for unique living quarters," said the designers. "While discussing the project, we quickly found out how lucky we were to have similar tastes in design."

"We offered to use a rich colour palette for this design concept; the colours of the interior should be highly compatible with the space, light, and shadows.

The chosen colour palette, which is made up of different shades of green and blue, is intended to make the space feel larger than it really is.

Different shades were chosen for different rooms, including a very dark blue, a vibrant green and a teal shade. The richness of these colours means they vary greatly under different lighting conditions.

"The apartment keeps altering its looks throughout the day; the interior is different in the morning, the day, and the evening, changing the atmosphere of the apartment with it," said the team.

Contemporary furniture and lighting was chosen to reflect a "Scandinavian style" across the property, including a cloud-shaped light that hangs above the dining table.

Special Project Venediktov also adapted the layout of the flat to create a more open-plan living space.

A kitchen and lounge are separated by a glass wall, creating views from the home's entrance all the way through to a large window.

A corridor off the entrance hall leads through to two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a home office, a home cinema, and a bar.

Architect Olga Akulova also recently renovated a nearby Kyiv apartment, installing glass walls and a monolithic fireplace.

Photography is by Andrey Avdeenko

Project credits:
Architects: Special Project Venediktov, Antonina Venediktova

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