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Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies at The University of Hong Kong

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies course at The University of Hong Kong provides multidisciplinary teaching to prepare students for careers in architecture, including studies in culture, technology and sustainability.

School: The University of Hong Kong
Course: Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
Location: Hong Kong
Course dates: September 2024 to September 2028
Application deadline: 15 November 2023; applications submitted after the deadline would be evaluated on a rolling basis

The Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies at the University of Hong Kong offers an internationally competitive professional curriculum in the discipline of architecture in all of its environmental, social, technical and cultural dimensions.

You will gain broad expertise in the field of design, graduating with the first degree necessary to qualify as an architect.

The programme also offers you the unique opportunity to study the conditions of the contemporary city in the dense and active region of East Asia.

Design studios and electives introduce students to a multitude of methods and approaches in architecture. These include the study of ecosystems and infrastructure, robotics and artificial intelligence, energy and the environment, and emerging rural and urban conditions.

Through a multidisciplinary curriculum emphasising culture, technology, sustainability, history and theory, students develop the critical reasoning skills necessary for lifelong architectural inquiry.

Admission to the BA(AS) undergraduate programme is both rigorous and competitive. The department welcomes applications from students with a broad range of academic and cultural interests.

Students from both arts and science streams are accepted and those who have shown an interest in design are encouraged to apply.

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Top image by Yeung Ho Pak Matthew.

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