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Interaction Design MA at Estonian Academy of the Arts

The Interaction Design MA course at the Estonian Academy of the Arts challenges students to create sustainable designs that meet the needs of people and communities.

School: Estonian Academy of the Arts
Course: Interaction Design MA
Location: Tallinn, Estonia
Course dates: September 2025 to June 2027
Application deadline: 3 March 2025

Embark on a transformative journey at, the Interaction Design Master's program at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

In a world undergoing rapid change, interaction designers play a pivotal role in shaping the future. Our program empowers you to create meaningful connections between people and the ever-evolving world, going beyond technology and embracing sustainability.

We believe in the power of human-centred design as the foundation for innovation.

By understanding human values, needs and behaviours, we craft experiences that make a difference, but we also take a holistic approach, considering the needs of the planet and the communities around us.

Through project-based studies guided by industry mentors, you'll cultivate your designer intuition and gain real-life experience.

Our practical approach allows you to tackle real problems alongside top industry partners. We uncover hidden possibilities and create forward-looking concepts grounded in reality.

Working alongside students from various professions, backgrounds and cultures, you'll engage in a mutual learning experience that sparks new ideas.

Are you ready to become a problem-solving innovator? We foster curiosity, nurture a designer mindset and provide the skills and tools to shape a better future.

Let's unlock your potential to drive sustainable and impactful change through interaction design.

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Top image: City Heart Beat, an interactive sound installation by Interaction Design student Eerik Kändler.

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