MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins

The MA Biodesign course at Central Saint Martins enables students to learn about emerging biodesign principles, which redefine the use of waste and materials. 

School: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL)
Course: MA Biodesign
Location: London, UK
Course dates: starts September 2023, with a duration of two years (extended full-time)
Application deadline: 26 October 2022

MA Biodesign explores bio-informed design strategies as a driver for sustainable innovation. You will articulate alternative and new innovative design propositions for the emerging bio-circular economy. Through this work, you will redefine the use of energy, water, air, waste and materials.

Biodesign is an emerging discipline. Despite a growing number of publications and exhibitions, there is no universal definition of biodesign.

Other terminologies exist, such as biophilic design, bio-integrated design, biomimetic design and bio-informed design. While they vary in definition, they all relate to a similar principle: that we can learn from nature to create more sustainable ways of living.

MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins specifically understands biodesign as a means to incorporate the inherent life-conducive principles of biological living systems into design processes to aid in the transition into a more holistic, sustainable future.

The course will introduce designers from multidisciplinary design backgrounds to whole system thinking, biomimicry principles, biological systems, bio-computational design, digital and bio-fabrication techniques.

You will apply these principles to designing new sustainable materials, products, services, systems and architectural propositions. There is a strong emphasis on ethical issues and on learning through making.

Theoretical, global cultural and socio-environmental contexts will inform the development of your personal biodesign agenda.

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Top image: MA Biodesign student project by Tahiya Hossain

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