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MA Regenerative Design at Central Saint Martins

The MA Regenerative Design online course at Central Saint Martins challenges students to create sustainable designs that restore local biospheres while considering social and cultural contexts.

School: Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London (UAL)
Course: MA Regenerative Design
Location: online
Course dates: starts September 2024, with a duration of two years (60 weeks) extended full-time
Application deadline: round one, 13 December 2023 at 1 pm (UK time); round two, 3 April 2024 at 1 pm (UK time)

The MA Regenerative Design course goes beyond sustainability and actively contributes to restoring and replenishing what human activities have radically deteriorated.

From intensive agriculture, expanding megacities and energy production to design and manufacture, global economic and financial systems, the majority of human endeavours manifest a worldview in which the natural world is understood as a resource to be exploited.

This course engages with an online community of designers who study from their local contexts to develop an action research project and actively contribute to holistically restore their local biosphere, taking into account endemic cultures, indigenous voices and socio-cultural tenets as appropriate.

Students come from a range of craft and design backgrounds and learn how to revisit their respective creative practice via a regenerative lens, whether they live in a rural or urban context.

Fundamentally, the course enables students to adopt living systems principles for the development of holistic and regenerative design proposals.

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Top image is by Central Saint Martins.

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