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Master Photography at ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne

The Master Photography course at ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne gives students practical photography training and experience working with different types of media.

School: ECAL University of Art and Design Lausanne
Course: Master Photography
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Course dates: September 2023 to June 2025
Application deadline: 3 April 2023

This two-year course, which is unique in Switzerland, gives students with a related bachelor's degree an opportunity to develop long-term projects.

It pushes the boundaries of applied research in contemporary photography with an emphasis on picture dematerialisation through digital manipulation, 3D computer-generated imagery and virtual and augmented reality.

From a physical viewpoint, it explores new forms of books to shape images on various media as well as interactive exhibition design, up to and including the moving image.

Taking advantage of ECAL's numerous collaborations with economic, industrial and cultural stakeholders, this training gives students the opportunity to regularly rub shoulders with influential figures in fine art photography and commissioned work.

Structured around practical lessons and workshop weeks, the programme creates privileged encounters.

As for theory, visual analyses and text productions guide students towards the clarification and disclosure of project concepts.

Workshops, labs, studios and the availability of a state-of-the-art print shop ensure that students' initial ideas are given concrete form.

The skills acquired and research conducted during the course give students the necessary tools to produce a wide-ranging innovative project.

Through its pragmatic, artistic and applied nature, the Master Photography course ensures that each graduate finds a place in the top networks of contemporary photography based on their specific strengths and inclinations.

Applications to this course have now closed.

Top image: If I Could Only Be Sure diploma project by Johanna Hullar in 2020.

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