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Mastering Service Design at Service Design College

The Mastering Service Design course at Service Design College provides students with knowledge of organisational and service design that can be applied to their businesses.

School: Service Design College
Course: Mastering Service Design
Location: online
Course dates: duration of 10 weeks
Application deadline: continuous enrolment

For many organisations, service design has grown in importance and has become a crucial skill to stay relevant in the service- and experience-dominant economy.

This course focuses on services as ecosystems for value generation, in which value is co-created by all actors and stakeholders involved, as well as customers and customer-facing staff.

The course takes a systems approach to the design of services, looking at the relationships between individual elements and at the service as a whole.

To help you gain this all-encompassing perspective, fields like social science, organisational design, design operations and business design are included in different lessons throughout the course.

You will combine theory with practice, work on a real-world case exercise and gain support from tutors to better understand the fundamentals of service design.

The course content will help you think about your work and organisation through a new lens and empower you to understand and communicate business values.

This course is especially relevant for decision-makers, entrepreneurs and business owners in service industries who would like to know more about service design and how it can bring value to their organisation or business.

It is also suited for creative professionals, such as UX designers, product designers, and design researchers, who want to transition into the service design field.

The course is available as a 10-week synchronous course that promotes peer-to-peer learning through interaction and collaboration.

Participants will also be guided and supported by a course mentor who will provide feedback and challenge their assumptions to gain a deeper understanding and how to effectively implement the learnings to their work.

The Service Design College is a new breed of design school that brings designers worldwide together to share knowledge and experiences.

The methodology is based on the 360-degree mindset: a set of ten design abilities necessary to navigate and create change.

By joining a year-long learning program, you learn how to use design strategically based on these abilities.

Learning activities include workshops, courses, talks and the annual Service Design Days conference.

Applications to this course have now closed.

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