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Strategic Foresight for Positive Change at Service Design College

The Strategic Foresight for Positive Change course at Service Design College blends systemic design and futures thinking to equip designers with an understanding of how to design for the future.

School: Service Design College
Course: Strategic Foresight for Positive Change
Location: Service Design College online campus
Course dates: eight-week self-paced course, start anytime
Application deadline: continuous enrolment

This course will look at how understanding the changing socio-economic, political, and cultural landscape, in tandem with human values and behaviours, can help you anticipate change and identify spaces of opportunity for you and your organisation.

The extensive materials and comprehensive exercises help participants understand how and why change happens and how they can create the change they want to see.

The course will explore how to use insight and foresight skills to help create and influence a more human-centric, positive future for all.

It dives deep into the principles of strategic foresight and future thinking, making more informed business decisions, and achieving impactful outcomes at work.

The content is rich with real cases, audiovisual content, materials and documentation. At the end, participants will be able to build their own toolkits and resource library.

The course is offered recurrently throughout the year in two formats. The eight-week synchronous cohort setup promotes peer-to-peer learning through interaction and collaboration.

Participants will also be guided and supported by a course mentor who will provide feedback and challenge their assumptions to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects in the course and how to effectively implement the learnings in their work.

The course is also offered in self-paced format if you prefer to follow independently and at your own speed.

The Service Design College is a new breed of design school that brings designers worldwide together to share knowledge and experiences. The methodology is based on the 360-degree mindset: a set of ten design abilities necessary to navigate and create change.

By joining a year-long learning program, you learn how to use design strategically based on these abilities. Learning activities include workshops, courses, talks and the annual Service Design Days conference.

Applications to this course have now closed.

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