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Systemic design for tackling complexity at Service Design College

The Systemic Design for tackling complexity course at Service Design College provides students with theory, case studies and online sessions to design effective organisational and societal interventions.

School: Service Design College
Course: Systemic design for tackling complexity
Location: online
Course dates: duration of eight weeks
Application deadline: continuous enrolment

Living in a constantly changing, interconnected and complex world forces organisations to make decisions today for highly uncertain futures with limited tools and available knowledge.

'Systemic design for tackling organisational and societal complexity' focuses on understanding and designing in ways that reflect the complex contexts of our industries, societies, and the world we live in and learning to tackle these challenges by co-creating interventions to deliver sustainable impact at scale.

The course relies on the book Design Journeys through Complex Systems, written by two of its faculty, to deliver a full systemic design methodology, theoretical background and frameworks.

Additional theory, exercises, case examples and weekly live sessions provide a practical and theoretical layer to the book learnings, showing how to use the tools in a stakeholder context and diving deeper into design science from underlying references.

Participants will discover, build and practice a transdisciplinary, collaborative, co-creational and multi-stakeholder approach, as well as an intervention mindset.

This course is especially relevant for service designers, innovation and policy lab designers and facilitators, creative managers, product and service leaders, complexity and systems thinkers, design and innovation educators, and people in all industries and fields of complexity.

It is offered as an eight-week semi-self-paced course that promotes peer-to-peer learning through interaction and collaboration.

Live interactive classes and workshops are scheduled throughout the course and participants will receive intensive guidance and support from experienced tutors such as Peter Jones, associate professor at OCAD University, Toronto. Jones teaches in the Strategic Foresight and Innovation and Design for Health MDes programs and is co-founder of the Systemic Design Association.

Also tutoring is Kristel Van Ael who is a business partner at Namahn, a humanity-centred design agency based in Brussels. Van Ael also teaches Product-Service-System Design and Systemic Design at the University of Antwerp (Faculty of Design Sciences).

Joining Jones and Van Ael is Koen Peters, the leading information architect at Namahn supporting governments and other large organisations in web and intranet projects, and one of the co-authors of the Systemic Design Toolkit.

The Service Design College is a new breed of design school that brings designers worldwide together to share knowledge and experiences.

The methodology is based on the 360-degree mindset, a set of ten design abilities necessary to navigate and create change.

By joining a year-long learning program, you learn how to use design strategically based on these abilities.

Learning activities include workshops, courses, talks and the annual Service Design Days conference.

Applications to this course have now closed.

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