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Uncovering Narrative Masterclass at Theatrum Mundi

The Uncovering Narrative Masterclass course at Theatrum Mundi examines how imaginary spaces are created through storytelling and requires students to explore how these spaces can be more inclusive.

School: Theatrum Mundi
Course: Uncovering Narrative Masterclass
Location: London, UK
Course dates: 28 to 29 January 2023
Application deadline: 27 January 2023

This masterclass will focus on uncovering how narrative structures shape collective and individual imaginaries and consider how, through the act of storytelling, more nuanced and inclusive realities can be created.

A story isn't just actions of characters, causes and consequences. In a novel, for instance, there is an intricate maze of layers of time, narrative points of view with shifts of consciousness, and a psychic distance between a narrator and their characters.

When seamlessly pulled together, all of these techniques become invisible and a story comes to the fore.

In a similar way to a city or building, we enter a world constructed for us without questioning the height of a ceiling in a foyer or the width of an underpass.

We inhabit the space created. We accept the construct that makes us move in a certain way, see a particular vista and become alert, relaxed or uncomfortable.

The masterclass is taught by artist and filmmaker Andrea Luka Zimmerman, curator and writer Marta Michalowska, and poet Labeja Kodua Okullu.

Applications to this course have now closed.

Top image: by Andrea Luka Zimmerman.

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