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Unit X9 at Softbiome

The Unit X9 course at Softbiome enhances students' digital design skills by guiding them in creating a short film, clip or sequence.

School: Softbiome
Course: Unit X9
Location: online
Course dates: nine months
Application deadline: continuous enrolment

Unit X9 emerges as a natural evolution of what Softbiome is known for: the design of digital worlds.

This is why we believe the long-format course is an opportunity to go even deeper technically and to nurture the process even more, so the end result materializes in a project portfolio that serves you to start your career in digital design or to show around in job interviews.

Unit X9 students have to choose between two different themes: cinematics or interaction.

In X9-Cinematics, students will design architectures and environments that enables and supports time-based stories, ideas or concepts through the lenses of aspects related to visual storytelling and using animation, camera work, composition, lighting, dynamic materials, simulations and many other time-based effects that support the production of a short film, clip or sequence.

In X9-Interaction, students will design experiential metaversal spaces in the digital realm by implementing interactive elements in a playable environment, which allows users to control and manipulate architecture.

This can also be accomplished through our design methodology, which focuses on building a metaverse.

These projects will involve designing an application with a playable avatar, interacting with events/triggers, employing procedural modeling with Houdini Engine, utilizing responsive-kinetic architecture, embedding UI interfaces and offering an independent VR experience.

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Top image: The Octopus by Javier Ruiz Rodriguez, 2023

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