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Above: dezeen tribute by Thierry Machuron, professor of applied arts at l'École Supérieure d'Arts Appliqués in Burgundy, France on the ÉSAABlogànevers site

What people are saying about dezeen...
"Dezeen - an amazing new design blog by the former editor of icon magazine, Marcus Fairs. Icon is (was?) my favorite journal on international cutting-edge object design, and I'm blown away to see that the editor has left to start a blog. Wow"

"We must remember to check out Marcus Fairs' dezeen more regularly"
- things magazine

"For those who didn't know, former icon editor Marcus Fairs has been running a new online design magazine, dezeen, since late last year, and even though he states that it is starting off 'modestly', you just know that it's destined for big things."

"Great to get this vivid visual overview of advanced design virtually as it happens - I’m looking forward to my daily dose of dezeen."
- Barbara Chandler, Homes & Property, London Evening Standard

"The former editor of icon magazine has launched the site dezeen, with the latest new features on design and architecture. You'll love it!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I really love dezeen! Great job!"
- Joost van Brug,

"We love it"

"Well worth a visit"
- David Carlson,

"A little while back the Fader hipped us to Kanye's new crib (Don't forget to download Fader's latest issue, #43*). While it was really cool checking out the ultra-minimalist project, the even cooler discovery was dezeen design magazine.

"The online publication does a great job of combing the interwebs for everything interesting and cutting edge in design and structure. We were checking out the site for hours. Not to mention, the scoop on Kanye is a pretty serious find - talk about link heavy. So kudos to the team over at dezeen mag.

"Dork recommends dezeen mag as a daily read"
- dork magazine

"dezeen magazine is the latest project of designboom's friend Marcus Fairs since leaving icon magazine last year ... content includes sneak previews of events and other 'hot off the press' design news"
- designboom

"Former editor of icon magazine, and also the expert commentator at FutureDesignDays 2005, Marcus Fairs has just opened his new blog magazine dezeen, reporting from design events and projects from all over the world "
- Future Design Days

"UK DESIGN WORLD SCOOP ON DEZEEN: Marcus Fairs, former editor of icon has set up the blog dezeen and has christened it with some hot design world gossip"