The Lexus Hoverboard, which uses magnetic fields to carry its rider without touching the ground




We began writing about Lexus last year, when the Japanese car brand started to release unusual ideas for concept cars. We featured a fully drivable vehicle made entirely out of cardboard and the LF-FC concept model, which was explored further in Italian duo Formafantasma's installation for the brand in Milan this year.

It wasn't a car but a hoverboard that propelled automotive brand Lexus onto our Hot List. The Lexus Hoverboard resembles a skateboard without wheels and uses magnets to carry riders above the ground, and has a notable similarity to the one used by Marty McFly in sci-fi film Back to the Future.

The next most viewed Lexus story this year was about a fully drivable vehicle made entirely out of cardboard, while the winner of the Lexus Design Award 2016 – a packaging concept made from seaweed – was also popular.

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