SepSeptember 2020
Tel Aviv, Israel

This Tel Aviv based conference brings together international innovators – urbanists, biologists, architects, programmers, and designers, – to discuss how to build better cities using knowledge of the natural world.

As the event explains "Not only is Tel Aviv an urban gem, but the inspiration for its unique design comes from nature. A biologist by education, Patrick Geddes was a revolutionary urban planner who incorporated ideas from natural sciences in Tel Aviv’s tree-laden boulevards, countless public gardens, and oh-so-human streets of eclectic, “jolie laide” urban life."

SFERA 2020: BIOURBANISM will feature a series of talks, discussions, workshops, city walks that will explore ideas such as biomimicry,  biophilic design,  circular economy and neuro-architecture. The event welcomes "experts, students, researchers, municipalities, and startups working towards more life-centered and sustainable cities!"

Dezeen is a media partner for SFERA 2020: BIOURBANISM.

SFERA 2020: BIOURBANISM takes at SFERA Institute, Tel Aviv, 6511111, Israel.