9-14 NovNovember 2020
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Taking place as part of Dubai Design Week, this interactive installation is a collaboration between London-based design studio Hagen Hinderdael and Dubai-based 3D-printed concrete specialists Concreative.

Nacre displays a variety of  3D-printed rising concrete towers with intricate textures that encourage human interaction through their arrangement. Depending on people’s movement around the installation, a different "signature tower" can be spotted as the towers gradually vary in heights and colour

The exhibition is inspired by Dubai’s ancient history of pearl diving, which led to the founding of the city as people moved to the coast due to the success of the industry. Pearl diving is still considered one of Dubai’s most treasured traditions.

"The shapes displayed are constructed following our research into the structure of the mother of pearl, which is known for its extraordinary strength and flexibility," said Hagen Hinderdael and Concreative.

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Nacre takes place from 9 to 14 November 2020 at Dubai Design District, United Arab Emirates.