Photo of an installation by Sarah Sze

Sarah Sze: Timelapse

31 Mar31 March - 10 Sep10 September 2023
New York City, USA

American artist Sarah Sze presents a series of site-specific installations, as well as paintings and soundscapes in her exhibition Timelapse at the Guggenheim in New York City.

The exhibition explores time and memory, taking place inside the Frank Lloyd Wright building and outside of the museum.

The installations include a "river of images" alongside the exterior of the building designed to mirror traffic and passersby and a pendulum above a fountain inside the museum.

Sze has worked across a range of mediums, including architecture, sculpture, painting, video and drawing.

Sarah Sze: Timelapse takes place from 31 March to 10 September 2023 at the Guggenheim, 1071 5th Avenue, New York City, New York 10128, USA.