Photo of painting with text

Annabel Karim Kassar presents Déshabillez-Moi

19-21 MayMay 2024
New York City, USA

French-Lebanese architect, designer and artist Annabel Karim Kassar releases her latest collection Déshabillez-Moi at design fair ICFF and Wanted 2024 during NYCxDesign.

The series of three paravents – screens made from fabric – were handmade in the UK and Italy. One screen is handpainted, the other is decorated with a silk-screen printing technique and the final design features a print on fabric.

The collection aims to evoke a sense of "concealment, anticipation, sensuality and seduction", the artist claims.

Annabel Karim Kassar presents Déshabillez-Moi takes place from 19 to 21 May 2024 at ICFF and Wanted, Javits Centre, 429 11th Avenue, New York City, New York 10001, USA.