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Samsung Out of the Box Competition shortlist
Examples of partnership content include Dezeen's recent Out of the Box Competition with Samsung

Partnership content

Dezeen regularly produces content in partnership with other brands, events or media organisations. We call this partnership content.

Partnership content is different from other content on Dezeen in three ways:

1) Dezeen is usually paid for producing partnership content or receives something of equivalent value from the partner in lieu of payment.

2) While Dezeen always retains full editorial control of partnership content to ensure that it is relevant to our audience and aligned with our editorial standards, our partner usually sees a preview and approves partnership content before it is published.

3) Comments are usually disabled on partnership content.

All partnership content on Dezeen is clearly labelled (which is probably how you found this page). Examples of partnership content include:

Editorial promotions

Editorial promotions are paid-for articles written by Dezeen to promote a particular brand, product or service.

Gift guides

Some editorial promotions take the form of gift guides, which one or more brands usually pay to be listed in.


There are two kinds of competitions on Dezeen. We run regular giveaways providing readers with the chance to win a prize, with winners selected at random. The competition is usually paid for by the participating brand.

We also team up with brands to run design contests on behalf of or in collaboration with brands. These usually feature cash prizes with winners selected by a jury. Examples include the Out of the Box competition with Samsung and the OLEDs Go! competition with LG Display.

Branded videos

Dezeen's in-house video studio produces branded videos for clients, which are published in articles on Dezeen as well as on our social media channels.


Dezeen also partners with brands to host talks and panel discussions. Often, our video studio will film and live stream these on Dezeen and on our social media channels.

Dezeen Showroom

Dezeen Showroom is a space where brands can pay to launch new products and showcase their designers and projects.

School shows

School shows feature a digital showcase of student work, including graduate and end-of-year projects, which are usually paid for by the school.


When Dezeen works with a partner to co-create content, we call it a collaboration. Collaborations usually comprise one or more of the different paid-for partnership content types listed above, often as a series of content. But a collaboration could also be something completely bespoke, such as a one-off commission, initiative or event.

You can see examples of our collaborations here.

Media partnerships

Dezeen often collaborates with events, organisations or other publications on media partnerships. Dezeen is not paid for media partnerships but will usually have agreed to provide certain coverage in return for equivalent exposure on the partner's channels.

Interested in partnering with Dezeen? Contact [email protected] for details and pricing or download our media pack.