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Samsung Out of the Box Competition FAQ

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Dezeen x Samsung Out of the Box Competition to design innovative new objects for the home that can be made by repurposing cardboard packaging.

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please get in touch with us at [email protected].

Can you send me a Samsung Eco-Packaging box?

No, we are unable to send entrants boxes to use for the competition.

Do I need to use a Samsung Eco-Packaging box to enter the competition?

No, you do not need to use a Samsung TV box in order to enter the competition. You can use any cardboard packaging. However, the shortlisted designs will be recreated using Samsung Eco-Packaging boxes, so please bear this in mind when creating your design.

I can't get hold of the right kind of cardboard, can I enter using drawings or renders?

We'd strongly encourage entrants to make a model or prototype of their design using cardboard, if possible. However, this does not have to be a 1:1 prototype and could be a scale model.

What are the dimensions of the Samsung Eco-Packaging boxes that will be used to recreate the shortlisted designs?

We've included details of the dimensions of the three Eco-Packaging boxes that will be used to recreate the shortlisted designs in the brief. You can also download the information here.

What are the dimensions of the dot matrix pattern on the Eco-Packaging boxes?

For the purposes of the competition, entrants do not need to worry about the dot matrix pattern. They only need to ensure that the design is able to be produced from Samsung's Eco-Packaging TV boxes.

How thick is the cardboard of the Eco-Packaging boxes?

You can see a cross-section showing the cardboard here.

In which direction do the corrugations in the Samsung Eco-Packaging boxes run?

For all three boxes, the corrugations run vertically. The cross-section image above shows the top edge of one of the panels that make up the box.

Is the Eco-Packaging cardboard treated or laminated in any way?

The finish of the cardboard used in the Samsung Eco-Packaging is close to raw.

Can my design use multiple Eco-Packaging boxes?

Yes, that is fine. But considering that it is unusual for people to buy multiple new TVs at the same time, it would be sensible to limit your design to one or two boxes.

Does my design need to be compatible with all three Eco-Packaging box sizes?

No, it does not. Your design only needs to be compatible with one of the three box sizes. However, if you would like to submit a design that is compatible with more than one size, or all three sizes, then that is fine.

Is there other packaging material in the box that I can use in my design?

Please only use the outer cardboard box for your design, do not incorporate other packaging elements from inside the box.

Can my design incorporate other materials or components, apart from the cardboard box?

Recycled cardboard must be the primary material used in the design. It is fine to include other materials or components as well, but these must be readily available and easy for anyone to get hold of to make at home.

Can I use tape, glue or fasteners to hold my design together?

Yes, this is fine, however, we do encourage that entrants think of designs that do not require adhesives. Any adhesive or fastener used must be readily available and easy for anyone to get hold of at home.

Can I paint my design or apply other decorations?

Yes, if you want to. Although it is not required. And any paint or decoration must be something that is readily available and easy for anyone to get hold of at home.

Can I submit multiple designs?

Yes, but please ensure you submit a separate entry form for each design.

Can I include multiple images in a single file?

We want to discourage people from entering more than the permitted number of images (10) by creating composite image files containing more than one image. Please do not combine images into a single file to get around the 10-image limit. However, if there is a good reason for including multiple images in the same file, such as showing a sequence of steps to assemble the object, then that is fine.

Can I include text or numbers on images if it is necessary to explain my design?

Generally, images published on Dezeen do not contain text or numbers on them, so we would prefer clean images. However, if you feel it is necessary to annotate your images in order to make sense of your design, then that is fine.

Does the lifestyle image need to be a photograph?

We strongly encourage entrants to take a staged lifestyle photograph to show off the design of your submission and highlights the utility.