Bouroullecs for Kartell


Bouroullecs for Karetell

Milan update: more from Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this time in the form of their Pol sofa for Kartell.


Kartell usually specialise in moulded plastic furniture but this sofa consists of two upholstered oblong blocks resembling choc ices, and very little else.


Manufacturer's info below:



design by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

The collaboration between Kartell and the Bouroullec brothers continues. Pol is a sofa with a light chrome steel structure and a backrest and seat in expanded polyurethane, each consisting in a single padded element. Two simple armless elements, one practically fitted onto the other; an austere design which is softened exclusively by the hint of a curve at the ends. An object which reflects a contemporary lifestyle, and personalises permanent or temporary locations making them ultra-functional.


Material: structure: chromed steel; seat and backrest: expanded polyurethane.

Size: H. 85/150/200 cm; D. 65 cm; H. 70 cm.

Colori: fabric: white, black, red, green.

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  • YUNG

    I don’t see the vivid spirit used to be in other Kartell products. And the backrest looks falling…strange.

  • when can i buy this wonderfull furniture were? and how much will it be? i m sticking in dirty old germany. so as soon as you have an distributer for your sofa please let me know. greetings and thanks for this great design work jm

  • maybe it should also double as a bed sofa… just turn that backrest and sleep place for two… as a suggestion to improve its value and function, maybe it does?

  • jens

    it looks like stuff would get stuck in the gap between the backrest and the seat. Also the aesthetic of this sofa reminds me of the one used by matali crasset for a modular furniture projet for kids. I love the work of the B bros. but this is not one of their best.

  • kegi

    where can i buy this and for how much??

  • Excellent design, geometric yet somehow soft looking. Although personally I prefer a sofa with arms. I think it’d be fairly simple for them to make a version of this with arms