Nobody Chair by Komplot


Nobody Chair by Komplot

Nobody Chair by Danish design company Komplot is made out of recycled plastic water bottles using a manufacturing technique borrowed from the car industry.


The chair, produced for furniture brand Hay, is moulded in a single piece using the same process used to form the removable shelves in car boots.


"This is the first chair ever made with the textile alone as the construction," a Hay spokesperson tells us. "The material used is industrial felt mainly made out of recycled plastic bottles. The felt is put into a huge form press and heated up – when the chair comes out of the press its done."
The citation below comes from the Craft and Design Biennial 2007 Prize, for which the chair has been shortlisted:


KOMPLOT DESIGN, Boris Berlin & Poul Christiansen – Nobody Chair

The chair “Nobody" is produced in one single process and it is thus a moulded polymer mat produced of soft drink bottles. The chair carries itself as it is without any kind of rack and is produced of one hundred percent recycled materials.

The prize committee's argumentation:
Playing, curiosity, experiment and real product development are charcterising elements of this duo's activities. Nobody Chair is conscious as to resources, materially pure and above all showing elegant curves.

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  • In the first image, showing a few aligned rows, I get the distinct feeling of ceremony and comfort. In some ways, it looks like a child’s chair. But, looking at it later, I found myself being drawn into some enveloping theatrical moment. But, maybe that’s about the same thing? I love the whole idea of this chair. It’s more than a chair for me. It’s quite like an attitude… or, some kind of harkening back to a much-needed childhood comfort.

  • On further reflection… I would love to know what feeling this chair would give me if the underside were painted a warm, fleshy red. I think this would complete the attraction for me.

  • Doubel

    I like not only the chair but also the light

  • Raymond

    Great in their simplicity.

    where can I buy these in Holland? ;-)

  • gaque


  • Jinsa Neelamkavil

    I like the shape of the Chair but i am not sure i about the colour. Next can proudce a chair which is completly made out of real choclate. Please

  • Jinsa Neelamkavil

    Hi the chair is unique but the colour I don’t like even though I like the shape of it would more eye-catching from my point of view if had things to it e.g. Cushion.

  • me nyc

    love the chair, looks like the droog grey flannel one…and the light tube too…anybody know the light?

  • jen

    slightly unrelated but Does anyone know where the hell i can get coloured 5mm thick felt?

  • Beautiful idea and result.

  • Da’lo

    Stackable chairs always sell. Brilliant Idea…we love it!