Dominus Winery by Herzog & de Meuron


We found these in our iPhoto album and thought you might like them - a set of snaps taken a couple of years ago at the Dominus Winery in Napa Valley, California, designed by Herzog & de Meuron.


The winery is private and difficult to visit, but we were invited by winery owner Christian Moueix (below) and Herzog & de Meuron when we were in California for the opening of the Swiss architects' De Young museum in San Francisco.


The text below is from Dominus' website, which also features a video tour:


Completed in 1997, the Dominus winery was designed by the Swiss architects, Herzog and de Meuron. Best known for the Tate Modern in London, their first project in the United States was Dominus.


In 2001, Jaques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron were awarded the Pritzker Prize, the highest honor in architecture.


Known for their innovative architectural design, their approach was to integrate the winery into the landscape, echoing our belief that the vineyard is of utmost importance.


Indeed, from a distance, the gabion structure dissolves into the landscape and it has been dubbed by the locals "the stealth winery."


Filled with basalt rocks from the nearby American Canyon, the stainless steel baskets are both an aesthetic and technical choice.


Generally used to retain dirt along highways, here the gabions are used to moderate the extreme temperatures of the Napa Valley.


Dominus' glass offices provide panoramic views, allowing us to follow at all times the activity in the vineyard, key to producing a great wine.









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  • raikku

    this is really awesome…!!

  • Jovanny

    I am always appreciating herzog de-meuron.They use common methord to achieve their architeche ideas.And their work looks so nice.

  • Eleven

    It’s really a SMART design!

  • Kara Hosking

    My professor has assigned me the winery for my project. ( i study architecture in New York) This has been the best site I have seen so far however, I need a lot more architectural information to have a complete background on this project. If you have knowledge please share, the more I get the more understanding I will have to develop the next stages of my project.

    P.S. randomly I was placed for this assignment. I love wine, I grow a few vines myself in my backyard, Cabernet. I'm already loving my project;)

    Thank You for Your Help!


  • ayon

    i am an arch student in dalhousie university and i am also stuck looking for more info on this space. kara Hosking would you care to exchange any ifno please email me at

  • Julie Young

    Anyone looking for more information about Dominus? I am working on an environmental controls case study of the H&D winery. Check out El Croque publication…there is a whole section (2004 volume, I think) giving plans, sections, images, etc. of the winery. H&D do not publish a lot of their work b/c they enter many competitions, etc. etc. Good luck!

    • Engin Can Dinç

      I cannot find the drawings of this building. I checked out the El Croque but I got nothing. The magazine containing Herzog & de Meuron is not containing Dominus. There are different Herzog & de Meuron projects. Could you please help me to find the drawings? Especially details?

  • Julie Young

    Does anyone have information about the skylights?

  • Dom

    Does anyone know how the gabion walls are made waterproof? It seems to me that rain could seep through the gaps. Or is the thickness of the walls sufficient to keep out rain?