La Terraza del Casino by Jaime Hayón



Jaime Hayón has sent through photos and development sketches of La Terraza del Casino, the Madrid restaurant run by star chef Paco Roncero that has just reopened with interiors remodelled by the Spanish designer.


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  • Nuno

    Well… I gotta say: great job!

    I really dig Hayon’s work as an industrial designer, and it’s no surprise is a great interior designer as well. Really great stuff! Fresh! ;)

  • rodger

    wow, what a beautiful, and wonderfully perverse project.

  • F

    how extravagant and fun ! and if the food is good too, then what ‘s not to like …

  • Mitch

    It is deeply and wonderfully stylish … but honestly, people … have some perspective … it was just as wonderful in the 1940s, when the American decorator Dorothy Draper did almostly precisely the same kind of interior for Quitandinha, the gambling resort in Pétropolis, Brazil. I’d call Hayon’s version an admirable homage. Check out the following for proof, which shows Quitandinha and its largely preserved interiors from Draper’s day:

  • JQL

    This is classical mockery! Bad materials in pseudo classical forms. It all seems like plastic junk made in Taiwan. This is not good design, its just the fashion for this year. Next year, when everything is the same as this, and as what’s selling now, noone will remember this place. What amazes me is that we had a post modernist age very recently and we are going through it again. The difference is that Rossi and Bofil knew how to do good design…

  • Mitch

    I disagree JQL. A restaurant is about theatre, and whether you admire this one or not, it is indeed theatre — dramatic, flamboyant, outrageous, and guaranteed to get the public in the door to spend money. Which is, after all, the whole point.

  • ana

    maybe jql is right, but NOW i love this place, and i´ll visit it so i will be able to talk about the real feelings!! i´ll spend the money! jaja
    well, i´m amazed about the photographer too, does anybody know who is he or she??

  • JQL

    Yes it is “dramatic, flamboyant, outrageous, and guaranteed to get the public in the door to spend money”. Yet it is not good design. Well at least not in my opinion. And I’m not talking about a matter of taste as I tend to like classical transfigution. I’m talking about a whole sense of fakeness that annoys me though you may say its brilliant. It’s like the interiors of that seven star hotel in Dubai. Probably it’s my problem and I will think on this a bit more. Even if the design doesn’t affect me in a positive way this forum and your opinion makes me think about the objective of design nowadays. Probably its becoming like fashion: use it now, throw away later. It’s not as I like to view it.

    He made the same thing in the Camper store. Will he go on and on?

  • n

    I don’t think these designs are “like fashion: use it now, throw away later.” Art nouveau wasn’t like this. I don’t see any problems connected to ornament. It is one of the pleasures in life. The connection back to human emotions makes the design brilliant. And the fixtures in the restaurant do not appear to be made so that they could be thrown away later. Anyway, sustainable design sucks cuz most times it’s ugly.

  • Ren

    To me this looks like a “wacky” rehashed Starck hotel, but nowhere near as well executed.

    I agree with JQL in regards to fashion, its just a hyped up, emphemeral project to be consumed whilst still hot.

  • F

    Mitch , i agree .

    a restaurant or abar , is about creating an atmosphere – whatever it is – not about political correctness, or even taste ( although that ‘s an option ) .

    this place is like a ” comic theatre ” :
    how can you not smile and feel like having a good time when you see this ?
    thumbs up for jaimie .. the king of fun ..

  • n

    uhm hellooooo…. design is an impetus for buy buy buy. not good design my ass. let’s consider the clients- probably really boring and vapid anyway…. at least there is a ying and yang. this place has the best feng shui.

  • tiffany

    back to the 19th century… what’s new?

  • inma

    ana!!!!! the photographers’ name is : nienke klunder
    Check out her website. She is fantastic!!!!!!

  • johnny

    by the way, what’s wrong with plastic made in Taiwan?
    in fact, they don’t make that many plastic nowaday.
    update your information before you speak.

  • Dear Dezeen – I’m just about to post on this from finding Jaime on Bisazza. But you’ve done a way better job! Right – I’m off to find more treasures in your archives – you legends you :-)

  • eva

    oooohoho, I’m a spanish woman that likes design, not an expert, but I think it’s an amazing work of symmetry with previous classical design (

    It is as if the baryta of a magician had touched each one of the corners and objects that already existed in the restaurant (doors, columns, tables, chairs, mirrors…) to transform them into something surprising, present and completely unreal. It would enchant to me to be able to eat within that palace of dream. Maybe during my next weekend in Madrid…

    Yes, it’s more than a theatre, it’s like a paradise… imaging the multiplication of emotions when mixing two great pleasures: : good food and design

    By the way, to use new materials does not mean a lack of quality…

    It is certain that the impression that the spectacular finished of this restaurant cause to me can not please within a time… but nowadays I either do not like to be surrounded by chairs Luis XVI… and however I can continue admiring the design…

    (sorry, because my english)

  • Can anyone recognise the chandeliers please? I love them!