Meeraboo FL-1 by Victor Vetterlein

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New York architect/designer Victor Verrerlein has launched a new floor lamp, called Meeraboo FL-1.

Let's hear all about it from Vetterlein:


Victor Vetterlein Ltd., New York City

Introducing a new floor lamp by Victor Vetterlein called the ‘Meeraboo FL-1’. This is the second piece in the Meeraboo-2007 Collection, where the common design elements are white curvilinear shapes fused with linear design components, teardrop shaped feet on thin white legs, and illuminated golden interiors.

The Meeraboo FL-1 floor lamp is 60 inches (152.4cm) in height, and 24 inches (61 cm) wide. The body of the lamp is fiberglass with a high gloss white finish. The interior is gold leaf. An electric cord passes through a rear leg of the lamp to supply an internal adjustable light source, and a removable panel on the side of the lamp provides access to the inside. The FL-1 is designed to cast light downward in order to reflect light off the floor plain.

The third and final piece in the Meeraboo-2007 Collection, the LC-1 lounge chair, is currently under development.

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  • Quirky, fun, and abundantly inspirational. Not that any of us need yet another lamp… but, like chairs, it’s too much fun to avoid. However, with the creativity designers possess (all over this planet), it’s a shame that chemistry, for example, isn’t part of the process, or part of their education. Surely, I’m not alone when I say that I long to see an elegant, beautiful, affordable alternative to gasoline, for example. Ultimately, then, it’s ‘ideas’ which are most beautiful—even more so than objects.