Shenzhen Stock Exchange by OMA


Construction work has started on Shenzhen Stock Exchange in China, designed by Office for Metropolitan Architecture.

Here are two new images of the building, plus a photo of OMA's Rem Koolhaas and Chinese dignitaries getting stuck into some sand with shovels.

OMA won the competition to design the building in December last year. More photos of this project in our earlier stories here and here. Here is some info from OMA:


Construction Begins On China’s Shenzhen Stock Exchange Designed by OMA

(Shenzhen; 22 November 2007) Officials from the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SSE) and local government together with representatives from the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) have broken ground for the construction of the new headquarters for China’s equivalent of the NASDAQ.

The new SSE is planned as a financial center with civic meaning. The external area is designed as a public space for festivals and gathering whilst the 250m tall tower will host the trading floor of high-tech and many new, high growth stocks as well as the SSE offices, registration and clearing house, the Securities Information Company and ancillary services in a gross floor area of 200,000m2.

The premise of OMA’s design is based on the essence of the stock market as speculation and the desire to create a building that is beyond symbolism for an almost virtual stock market.

For millennia the solid building has stood on a solid base which anchors the structure and connects it emphatically to the ground. In the SSE building the traditional base is lifted up the tower to become a floating platform to broadcast the economic information of the virtual market and in turn liberate the space on the ground for public space and events.

Founder and Partner of OMA, Rem Koolhaas, OMA's Managing Partner Victor van der Chijs and the Senior Associate in charge of the project Kunle Adeyemi were present at the ceremony, along with the entire project team - including the OMA team now relocated to Shenzhen to ensure the proper completion of the building.

“The progress of this project has been a source of pride for both parties,” said OMA Managing Partner, Victor van der Chijs. “Less than one year ago OMA was announced the winner of the design competition and we now have a dedicated team in Shenzhen to oversee the completion of The Stock Exchange in 2010,” said Mr van der Chijs.

Mr. Adeyemi added that ''In spite of the accelerated design process, the team is pleased to have been able to retain and enhance the project's original concept design intents.''

The Stock Exchange will be built in Shenzhen’s new Financial District adjacent to the administrative and cultural center of the city.

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  • roadkill

    shame they had such a hard time deciding if it was a vertical tower or horizontal block….

  • luxury larry

    i built the EXACT same thing in my closet the other day.

    with shoe boxes.

    it was dope!

  • tommi

    Because Shenzhen is going to show off the world in 2011 of Universiade!! It looks they juz wanna hava quick & simple form building under big name like OMA… wish it could be bit more exciting!!

  • JQL

    I really don’t understand OMA. Doesn’t matter if they manage a good design or a bad one, they tend to win everything.

  • O.G.

    Rem Koolhaas is an original head-bussa.

  • abeer

    no matter what they do in dezin,but their presentations r good enough

  • Het

    Does Rem just not care anymore? Or is OMA hiring preschoolers to design their buildings these days? (death to the diagram!)

  • young7777

    I don’t understand how OMA won the competition with this design and even worst I REALLY don’t get how ShenZhen government decided to go with this design. Box shape building would be aesthetic as well like the Museum of Contemporary Art New York. But this exchange building is not at the same league. SAD SAD SAD. These days Chinese have spent a lot of money on some expensive but ugly buildings, another example is the Beijing CCTV towers.

  • nique

    i believe going simple but nice is the current trend in china. but OMA’s approach towards architecture has been quite fascinating. he re-thinks a lot of projects these days. but sad to say, this is not one of them. its just the same as my design studio project!! wakakaka..