Non-Woven by Christian Kocx


Dutch Design Week: Designer Christian Kocx presented Non-Woven series of chairs, lamps and bowls, which are made of unwanted bits of plastic from an injection moulding machine.

"I'm a designer from the Netherlands, graduated from the Design Academy in January 2006," Kocx tells us.

Non-Woven is "a series of products made from the remnants of injection moulding," he adds. "I presented it during the furniture fair in Milan in April 2007 and just a couple of weeks ago during the Dutch Design Week 2007."

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  • Edgy. Nice to see byproducts I didn’t even know existed being reused. It would be useful to see some models perched on the chairs or otherwise using the items to show that they’re sturdy.

  • Andrew

    that bowl seems like it would be difficult to clean if it ever got dirty/dusty. But the chairs I live. I wonder how easily the individual plastic pieces might crack off. I wouldn’t want to be the one to sit on it when it does…

  • Kiwi

    Thought the chair was solid at first. Closer inspection revels its only a shell on a chair- Guessing its rather strong then. How are they attached?

  • tiffany

    this is a direct copy of Richard Hutten melting pots series. Shame on dezeen to publish it!