St Peter Squeezer by Studio Giulio Iacchetti


This just arrived and made us laugh, so we thought we'd share it right away. Milanese designers Studio Giulio Iacchetti designed this citrus squeezer, modelled on St Peter's Basilica in Rome, last year.

The product is manufactured by Pandora Design.

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  • fabio

    grande giulio

  • Andrea Bregoli


  • Tom

    this is because, in Italy, the 8 X 1000 of people income, can be donated to the catholic church…

  • miriam

    spettacolare! buona fortuna!

  • Iugal

    Questo è uno dei pezzi che preferisco dei lavori di Giulio Iacchetti. L’oggetto trasmette un forte messaggio politico e, visto il dibattito degli ultimi mesi, estremamente contemporaneo.

    Il succo scende verso il basso, sulla “piazza” (che rappresenta il popolo), mentre quella che è la parte migliore del frutto, ovvero la polpa, rimane sulla cupola (che rappresenta più generalmente la Chiesa).

    Ai livelli del Juicy Salif di Stark…

    Grande Giulio!

  • andrea vec

    Giulio riesce sempre a stupirmi. Geniale!

  • Iugal

    This is one of pieces that I prefer of the jobs of Giulio Iacchetti. The object transmits a strong political message and, seen the debate of the last months in Italy, extremely actually.

    The juice comes down towards the bottom, on the “public square” (that it represents the people), while the better part of the fruit, the flesh, it remains on the cupola (that it represents the Church, in generally).

    To the levels of Juicy Salif of Stark…

    Big up Giulio!

  • selvaggia

    as long as people can express the zeitgeist of our age in such a subtle though straightforward manner, there is still hope for good minds, good projects and in the end, a better designed world.

  • giovanni

    bravo Giulio

  • cris

    hehe…super cool.
    at least st. Peter can provide orange dimensions for the squeezer… l used Starck’s squeezer and that fits best only for lemons (as it’s name says). now l will have to buy this squeezer too in order to make a mixed juice ;) :D

  • odo

    Big ups to the new master of italian design.

  • serena

    Geniale ed ironico come solo Giulio sa essere. Bravo!

  • Tyler


  • JACK

    I normally do not like this sort of thing, but this is fantastic.

  • F

    I am sure the pope would be thrilled to have a complimentary one .he can ‘ t have too many occasions to have a laugh ..

  • alessandra

    bravo giulio!!!come sempre!

  • JoJo

    I once got a St. Peter Squeezer down on the Bowery.

  • Nisa

    Nice one!! LOL!!

  • GapM

    I can’t understand..

  • where can i buy this in the USA – or should I say New York exactly!!

  • xarli

    Si señor, ¡con 2 cojones!
    Giulio, eres un crack.
    ¡A tí te ponía yo a bailar el “chiqui-chiqui”!

  • Giovanni Doneda

    Carissimo Giulio , complimenti !!!!! Sei proprio grande …pensare a Piazza San Pietro com il favoloso Spremiagrumi….interessantissimo ..
    CIAO da Giovanni