The World's Longest Table For All Cultures by UNStudio


Dutch architects UNstudio presented 'The World's Longest Table for All Cultures' for the IMM Cologne furniture fair, held last week in Germany.

The table formed the central component of the Art of Kitchen area of the fair, which showcased products from kitchen producers Allmilmö, Dornbracht, Leicht, Poggenpohl and Zeyko.

The design for the table was based on the different demands placed on kitchen tables for work, cooking, eating and socialising. The result was an area which the exhibiting brands could use for different types of activities during the fair.

The table measuerd 55m in length and was 2.6m wide. It was assembled in modular elements to allow flexibility in both length and activities supported. It includes seating areas and a bar in the central section.

UNStudio also masterplanned Hall 11 at IMM Cologne. See our previous story.

Here is some information about the table from UNStudio:


Art of Kitchen

The Art of kitchen display stand is for producers of high quality kitchens and kitchen fixtures. These producers are Allmilmö, Dornbracht, Leicht, Poggenpohl and Zeyko.

UNStudio designed the stand for the five exhibitors as a common framework. Within this framework the exhibitors can independently present their products and visions according to their own brand profile.

Additionally, UNStudio has designed the central installation within the Art of Kitchen stand which focuses on the nature of the contemporary kitchen. The present-day kitchen is seen as a place of numerous activities, which go beyond the traditional of a kitchen as a purely place for the preparation of food.

The kitchen is perceived as a stage for cooking as a performance, a space where food can be raised to an art form, where experiments and innovation take place. The ways in which food is prepared and consumed show the effects of globalization: the contemporary kitchen is truly a place where cultures meet.

But even more the kitchen is a space for different types of social gatherings. The kitchen is the scene of family get-togethers, friends socializing, work-related activities, day-to-day dining, formal entertaining, late-night snacks, Sunday brunches, hurried breakfasts and so on.

These aspects are translated and incorporated integrally into the world’s longest kitchen table, which offers a place for different types of activities from intimate and secluded to formal meetings for bigger groups..

The table has a length of 55m and a width of 2.6m. It is designed on a modular basis, offering the possibility to use the table in different configurations, and making it shorter or longer. The modular system serves as a generic framework for adding new elements, altogether generating ‘THE WORLD’S LONGEST TABLE FOR ALL CULTURES’.



Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos with René Wysk, Cristina Bolis and Daniela Hake, Jürgen Heinzel, Cynthia Markhoff, Isak Birgersson, Florian Zschüttig, Adriana Schein.

All photos by Roland Borkmann

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  • FDA

    This table is super cool. I don’t know why the hell you’d need a table this size but it’s nice anyway!

  • MCJ

    UN studio is just too much. When you can get away with things, I guess you have to go for it. Very much in keep with their design aesthetic — challenging and good-looking.

  • Great project, changing formally to adapt to the different programs along its length.

  • Maculele

    Yeah, great design. UNStudio is really one of the largest inspirations for me right now, specially since this guys bring back some version of the total design concept – at least in its span. It is really amazing to see such great object design done by a firm which has done projects for roads, overpasses and such in a time when the market just pushes you so hard to specialization.

  • thorque

    looking very zaha to me. but love the concept

  • Thank you very much for all your elations!
    As constructor of this table I like to give you some more exciting details:

    Production time: 19 days
    Total weight: 6000 kg
    Total amount of lacquer: 400 kg
    The most complex details are the table- legs:
    Tube- constructed and cut into diagonally single parts the whole table can be build up a several times.

    This was one of the most challenging project ever realized by our company!
    We have to thank UNStudio and Creative Team of Koelnmesse for great collaboration.

    Thomas Wegmann and Alexander Kraus; , Germany

  • aNton

    wow…amazing…it’s so longgggggg longgggggg table….how if we want to move in the other side…should we jump (joke)…:)