Front at Nordic Light Hotel


Stockholm Design Week: We're in Sweden this week, and the girls from Front have just completed an installation in the lobby of our hotel, the Nordic Light.

The installation consists of a forest of artificial fir trees, and new chairs and benches that Front have created for Swedish brand Materia.

The chairs and benches are made of soft foam over a steel frame but are upholstered with timber-effect fabric to look like solid wood.

The installation was commissioned by the hotel as part of Stockholm Design Week.

Dezeen is in Stockholm courtesy of the Light Now conference organised by Future Design Days and the Nordic Light Hotel.

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  • K. Rimane

    odd set up.
    artificial trees!… does that mean “plastic”? if so, then that’s not very ecological for a set up that’s suppose to inspire nature, err….. woods.

  • Musty

    Very Cool

  • They’re absolutely inviting.

  • Andrew S.

    K. Rimane, the artificial trees tie in perfectly with their design approach. The chairs are foam and steel, made to look like wood. The whole idea of invoking the natural in a way that’s completely unnatural is how they approached the chairs, and thus the exhibition of those chairs.

  • Those scandinavians know how to have fun !

  • fBot

    Front girls are hot

  • Arch

    To Andrew S.; Very well put.
    The chair design looks very Scandinavian too.

  • Tue

    a plastic foam cup can be more ecological than a porcelain one, with all the CO2 release that the porcelain kiln stands for. Along that line, fake plastic trees could be as ecological as real ones.
    Natural doesn’t necessarily mean ecological, and high tech can mean sustainable. It’s a (Brave) New World… :-)

  • Will

    Clever girls

    Tho it was hard to see the exhibts at the party-sooo busy

  • jing

    it is a brave new world, good point. These “fake” trees mean that the real trees were left to grow……………

  • dave

    Disney Land ?

  • Farr Addams

    Really looks like an ecological mess. Nice for the eyes, but then the foam and plastics are headed for the landfill?

  • Rin

    It’d look more inviting with x’mas decorations for me. ^_^

  • Let’s then live in plastics only – is that what you suggest? I hate fakes. If ‘the artificial trees tie in perfectly with their design approach’ – then it is the design approach that is the problem (unless it is not ironic?)