Another Geography by Kimihiko Okada


Japanese designer Kimihiko Okada has created an installation called Another Geography at the Diesel Denim Gallery in Aoyama, Tokyo.

Made from thin metal suspended above the first floor of the shop, the installation is intended to reference familiar geographic forms as they might apear in a new, alien place.

The installation is the second in a series of three exhibitions at the Diesel Denim gallery. See our earlier story on the first installation, Suspended Figure, by Architect Ayako Murat.

Another Geography will be on display until 11 May 2008.

Here's some text from Okada:


Another Geography
Exhibition of Kimihiko Okada

This landscape is inspired by the versatile image the DIESEL brand inquires. This vast landscape is planned to express a surprise followed by good old feelings one might feel when entering a long known place.

Formed by a metal as thin as skin, it is a new natural scene never seen before. It may recall one’s imaginative scenery of a near future or the scenery of a planet far away. This scenery, it can be said, is a creation of human wisdom. And yet it somehow gives relief comparable with the feeling when entering a cave and this landscape will be a place that wakes up this instinct.

The shape formed by the internal force of material creates beauty and proportion like that of the natural terrain. The detail is like that of the geometry which appears in crystal and the brightness of metal itself.

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  • k.rimane

    very nice

  • bald skull

    the multi-colored one is dope!

  • Nick

    Baking Aluminium foil. What’s new about aluminium foil

  • zuy

    Kimihiko Okada, I dunnot know this japonese designer…it’s great, as other japonese star designers…. they are artist too…

  • yves bernier

    this would make me feel so uncomfortable and annoyed. no good.

    btw, bald skul. there is no multi-colored one, it’s only light reflections.

  • Anica


  • martin

    Such a marvillous intervention, making a flat huge concrete finished room into a thrilling, intrigging pleace! it just looks as a burgoise indoor adventure of julius verne

  • Bozo

    you would make me feel uncomfortable and annoyed yves.

  • togon

    SUPERB! This is an excellent idea. Imagine the numerous details that one can observe by just looking at one of those “stalactites”.

  • cheap, silly…. don’t like it at all.

  • zuy

    I love chocolate and i know now what to do with aluminium paper … a chololate room…with Domestic plates (see on web, it’s a french design company dvp stickers and nice plates for walls… and to eat with designers as 5.5 designers and Crasset)…

  • joe

    let me get this straight – i’m supposed to feel like i’m in a cave (or an alien landscape), cos you’ve stuck baking foil on the ceiling?

    wooo crazy, i’m in a cave…


    oh wait i’m not, i’m in a room with baking foil on the ceiling….


  • trucanh

    It’s so ugly.

  • olgv.

    JOE, if you had been my child I had kept you between 4 squared walls with a plain ceiling and a plain floor and a very small rectangular window …

    PS: nice project, if you don’t like the form, at least it’s a new concept ;)

  • w

    How the hell did they make that thing?

  • Nick

    VERY sweeeet

  • JOE, if you had been my child I had kept you between 4 squared walls with a plain ceiling and a plain floor and a very small rectangular window