Red Dot Awards 2008



Betonvorhang, a concrete curtain by design company Memux (above), is one of 676 industrial products awarded in the Red Dot Awards 2008, which have just been announced. The list of winners is huge, so best you visit the Red Dot website for more info as our heads are hurting just looking at it all.

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  • red dot is not an award, red dot is a label, a trade,
    winners need to pay :

    me : mama, i won a red dot award !
    mom : that is sooo great my son ! congratulations ! what did you win ?
    me : nothing, i need to pay 2000 euro, …
    mom : huh ? …
    me : (silence)

  • zuy

    it’s cheeper for concept design, for individual …

  • neat

  • This is gorgeous! Love it.