Split and Line by Maigrau



German designers Maigrau have won the Blickfang Design Prize, awarded at the Blickfang design show in Stuttgart last week, for two new products launched at the fair.


Line (top image) is a shelf, or "wall installation", while Line (above) is a presentation bowl.


Maigrau is a new design brand headed by designers Alex Stamminger and Nik Back.


Here's some info from Maigrau:



The German design brand 'maigrau' has launched its new products at the design fair 'Blickfang' in Stuttgart and has immediately received the 'BLICKFANG design price 2008' in gold.


These products designed by Alex Stamminger and Nik Back are available via www.maigrau.com.



The presentation bowl 'split' from laser-cut aluminium captivates by its reduced geometrical form.
Its elegant appearance offers the ideal presentation surrounding for your tiny favourite objects.
The refinement allows for a stressable and food-genuine surface.
'split' can therefore even be used as a fruit bowl.



The wall installation 'line' represents a tray surface in a minimalist form and inspires by its ease.
The aluminium plate was anodized to get a high-quality and durable surface.
To meet your requirements, the individual elements can be combined to create ensembles on the wall.

'line' is available in one depth and two different lengths.

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  • Bonzo

    It’s a shelf!
    It’s a fruitbowl!

  • It’s a special plate that is designed for holding precisely one artichoke.

  • I love shelves like Line – so sleek and minimalist you hardly notice any distracting (and oftenly ugly) brackets or screws at the bottom.

  • boredeux

    i just bought one at my local office supply outlet………5 pounds!

  • zuy

    sure it’s a sheves but it’s not a nothingbowl…

  • zuy

    sorry , it’s not a fruit bowl, it’s not a fruit holder, a fruit or vegetable presentation thing… ?

  • zuy

    some interessant design in Blickfang … tokyo?

  • jed

    oh those shelves are so beautiful… when they are photographed from the top.

    when you see ugly screws it completely negates the entire point of refining the object, in my opinion.

  • martin

    give me a breake! those things won a prize???? i invented a shelf made with bricks and a piece of wood, i should get a nobel prize for that!!!

  • zuy

    not nobel prize, neither red dot but piece of wood ‘s price!!!!

  • xearo

    if you drew a massive smile in black felt pen under just one of those shelves, it would look like a friendly robot was living on your wall

    i think they missed a trick leaving out the smile