1111 Lincoln Road by Herzog & de Meuron



Architects Herzog & de Meuron have designed 1111 Lincoln Road, a "retail, residential, dining and parking experience" on Miami Beach.


The development features open-sided parking decks accessed by curving ramps.


The project's website features a downloadable animation.


Above: apartment interior


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  • Let’s go to Miami for the parking experience!

  • poster

    really this can’t be herzog and de meuron

  • horst thorn

    where is hdm going? this is not more than a C in students first year challenge. no concept no sense of material nothing innovative… very sad.

  • Partan

    not very exciting in comparison to what they can do..

  • Kuba

    I am with poster – there must be an error here.

  • Sasha

    no error here, hdm are going japanese. this is not surprising at all from what I have heard where their current interests are.
    but reminds bit of ito and some of his “offspring”.

  • Grisham

    Ha, a bit rough crowd..

    Seriously now, they have a high quality of living to keep up, and carparks are quite uninspiring still, although they are getting better…

    It shows that they care more about other things, lets hope it gets built. And gets adored by everybody with driving in with a SUV.

  • Quy Long

    this one is the most ugly from Herzog and de Meuron I have ever seen.

  • brown_ie

    what a sad incomplete project…hdm are my favorite but this is just a bad joke…maybe they just did something according to that cheap city

  • hrlv

    This is infact quite an exciting scheme…I have not seen any other studio in the last 10 years approach a ‘carpark’ design as refreshingly as HdM.

    There is alot more to this project than the images make out – shame there is no commentry to accompany the images and explain the concept.

    The carpark is more than just a carpark…infact this is one carpark that people will be queuing for!

  • ?

    looks like a bad mvrdv

  • The architecture is dead my friend, there are no news. No more art, just exterior impact.

  • floyd landis

    It’s a good thing it never rains in Miami.

  • floyd landis

    The design is so bad they had to put an exit sign in the RENDERING of the parking garage.

  • Pedro Rojas

    Arquitecture is dead. today there are not Commitment. Its all business, all Hypocrisy

  • martin

    i would love to learn how to skate, it sounds much cooler to go down those ramps on skates or roller, than to have heavy, polluting elements as the “reason to be” of this building!

  • giorgio righi riva

    great architecture addition in miami,a very innovative structural way,yours comments are superficial,this is not a busy architecture, but a rare example of a developer who love art and architecture, uou can’t say now ,on for bad images, go in 2009 and see live in lincoln road a new masterwork.

  • Kevin

    This is rediculous…. Let’s at least say the selection of autos is on point. Visual communication is paramount, this looks like a reasonable peice of architecture with highly commercial wrapping. Whoever was in charge of the narrative needs a good kick in the ass. Let’s at least say the selection of autos is on point.

    I’d say the storytelling is dead in this instance.


  • m

    Wonderfull project!

  • amazing & perfect

  • Stacey

    It does rain in Miami.

    have you watched the animation? the top floor is an open-air nightclub apparently – it’s funny.

    I like it better than those weird bastardised Guggenheim carparks everywhere else.

    I am a fan of this carpark is what I am saying…

  • Rafael c.

    this shits getting built in front of my window view of my office. Horrible i used to enjoy looking at skanky dressed girls walking up and down the plaza now i see bulldozers moving dirt around, eventually i’ll be staring at a parking garage. As an Architecture mayor i can say this building is a truly poor design. It has some bad proportions and very poor aesthetics to say the least. So much more could have been done with the form and the exterior cladding. Just look at the building across the street.

  • sean

    “So much more could have been done with the form and the exterior cladding.”

    I think I saw Herzog quoted as saying they designed it to be just bones without any hint of cladding. That way it stands apart from everything else. Apparently they have office spaces for lease too, not just retail – http://1111lincolnroad.blogspot.com/

  • Monsignor Trout

    This place is a disaster waiting to happen. The car parking blocks are not bolted in. Any crazy idiot can lift them up and throw them over the edge of the structure. Typical Miami idioacracy. Style over subtance.