Dezeen stickers in Milan



Milan 08: we're off to Milan next week for the furniture fair, where we'll be giving out Dezeen sticker sheets to everyone we meet.


The A6 sticker sheets, designed by our art director Micha Weidmann, feature six variations on the Dezeen logo, in descending sizes that follow the DIN 476 paper sizes. So the largest sticker is A7, the next one A8, then A9, A10 and two at A11.

We've only printed 1,000 of the sheets, so it's first come, first served...

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  • Brian


  • F

    since we will not atend Milan , we ‘ d be delighted to receive 1 .

  • NB if you’re not going to Milan, subscribe to our mailing list for a chance to win a set of stickers. The next mail-shot goes out on Wednesday so sign up before then using the box in the left column.


  • tom

    unfortunately i won’t be in milan as well.
    and i would love to have dezeen sticker.
    i’m on your mailing list for sometime now :)
    i’ll try to do my best to get one :)

  • Faivre-rampant

    am french. I am student in dental surgery. I shall be the next week in Milan for the first time. Where we can find you to have stickers? where I can have a leaflet with all the evenements to see? I have tickets for the show (salon del mobil and other salon) for 6 days.
    sorry for my english, I’m not very bilingual.

  • ohhh milan.. if you were only a little closer!

  • If you can’t get one of dezeen’s stickers, pass by Joost and Kiki’s reCollections show at via Voghera (Tortona)
    We will hand out 5000 stickers.

  • Sticker wars! Although technically we’re giving away 6,000 stickers as there are 6 stickers on each sheet. Sorry Joost and Kiki, you’ll have to print some more to beat us! ;-)

  • No war between us Marcus,
    But we will also hand out 2000 specially made bags, 5000 brochures and 1000 hard cover books, so there will be something for everyone.
    Or have a wine at our cocktail at Thursday from 18.00 till…..

  • F

    we will ALL be there for the wine joost ..

  • Faivre-rampant

    I will be therefore me too….

  • tom


    look Marcus… it’s all about Dezeen strickers….

  • thanks !

  • eyeontheworld

    * Marcus

    Why don’t we see more of you in “comments”? I appreciate that as Dezeen owner/ host you must have a degree of neutrality, but surely as comment is free so it is personal, thereby giving you an excuse to cast judgement over posts. I am sure others would love to read your…learned thoughts. Or, have I just missed them all this time? a Pseudonym ?

  • tom

    i got the dezeen stickers… today on the post…

    one is already on my laptop… the others i need to find a nice place to stick them.

    thank you.

  • min han

    i live in Seoul…..
    is there a way to be able to get from dezeen stickers???
    i am too envious of it.