Cubic Meter by Arik Levy



Design Miami/Basel 08: More from Kenny Schachter’s Rove gallery at the Design Miami show in Basel: this time Arik Levy's Cubic Meter storage system.


The piece has a volume of one cubic metre and consists of seven separate modules that can be recombined in various configurations.


Levy showed an aluminium version (above), produced in an edition of five, in Basel last week. Top image and below: blackened oak version


Arik Levy
Cubic Meter, 2008
Edition of 5
One cubic meter (7 modules combined)
Also available in clear oak wood and blacked oak wood- each edition of 12


Above: clear oak version

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  • cool concept – but all open sided boxes makes for storing items within the cube impractical it seems.

  • edward

    Neat. But I would never be able to get it back together. And it has zero usability. But it reminded me somehow of a steamer trunk we had in the attic when I was a boy: it split in the middle and placed on edge, one side was for hanging clothes the other had a row of drawers. Now that was practical. Somehow the meter cube should have offered similar.

  • 67street

    i like the last picture

  • Eduardo

    nice concept!

    simple and nice to look at!

    love the aluminium and the blackened oak wood.

  • i don’t think I could get it back togethe…. :)

  • zuy

    i think it’s trendy because a lot of designers design a cube this year….

  • Fling

    I like it, because when you get round to finally chucking it away, it breaks down into various configurations for the wheelie bin and you don't have to call the council to collect it.

  • zuy

    example Fractal 23 Takeshi Miyakawa

  • zuy

    example chair in a box by Hanz Julen

  • zuy