Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008 by Frank Gehry



The Serpentine Gallery in London has published a few photos of the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2008, designed by Frank Gehry. Update: this project is included in Dezeen Book of Ideas, which is on sale now for £12.


The temporary pavilion opened yesterday (Sunday) and remains open to the public until October 19.


The photos here are by Iwan Baan and are copyright © 2008 Gehry Partners LLP.


See model shots of the pavilion plus the Serpentine Gallery's press release including a statement by Gehry - plus a whole load of comments from Dezeen readers - in our earlier story.


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  • Hodgo

    That roof – what a mess!!

  • brett

    Cue the backlash

  • Seth

    better than i thought it was gonna be

  • luis miguel

    esto es horrible

  • miguelao

    the Warcraft creators must be proud

  • esraa salah

    this is fantastic!

  • kolohe

    rather disappointing.

  • Dez

    Blah, no genuine thinking was involved to design this. Looks like something was built then a wrecking ball took over. His worst yet!

  • Chris

    So much timber wasteage


  • Honkie

    they should really printed made some instructions to go with that shed.

  • thomas

    Doesn’t he feel boring of himself ?!!!!

  • leandro locsin

    i don’t get it, really. if gehry wants to express the idea of ‘tensile’, why would he use rigid members?

    or maybe my perception is too rigid, I may need to loosen up.

  • scatterbrain!.. meh..can we get children to design now?

  • Aoki78

    Looks like if the real project was destroyed during the transport, so they built a pavilion from the destroyed leftovers :-D

  • AFRI

    we need new fresh ideas, his design leave much to be desired, simply put, “CRAP DESIGN”,CAN WE USE THE TIMBER AS FIRE WOOD ,PLS

  • stev

    no, no – no – nononono!


    not poetic, not exciting, easy choice of materials, over-sized, …
    poor architecture…

  • Fudge

    Much better than the “dropped” maquette we saw some time back.

  • Claus

    A waste of all that wood…why can’t Architects go back to “FORM FOLLOWS FUNKTION” ?
    NO Architecture for me

  • ongjunhao

    any visuals at night?

  • mehmet noyan

    Looks like it makes sense as an inhabited, ceremonial approach to the existing gallery … last year’s pavilion by OMA also tried to establish a relationship to the serpentine, but in reality that was too tenuous.

    The OMA scheme did succeed as a space for the marathon discussion events. It was easy to sneak in-and-out and the flexibile, informal seating allowed the space to feel occupied and energised even when numbers were low. Gehry’s ‘running-the-gauntlet’ bleacher seating looks like it will fail on both counts.

    The distorted tori gate seems to hark back to earlier gehry projects so, contrary to other posters, maybe this does represent an expansion of the practices current formal language.

  • Arian H N

    It’s art whether u like it or not! not everybody agrees with the idea all the time .maybe later people start realizing this kinda forms & material selection or maybe not but it’s art because not everybody can do it!!

  • mauz

    all 5 photos are from the same side, it doesnt allow for much apreciation, in fact they emphasize the linear layout, almost like a fashion runway pavillion, it would be wonderful for us outside london to see the other sides in order to try to better understand this intervention, anyone got links to other pictures? dezeen?

    it would also be more interesting to see arguments and a real critical discussion here rather than all these childish whining “i dont like it” one liners

    for one it is good to see gehry out of the bilbao titanium curved impossible surfaces he had repeated too much, formally this pavillion has a lot of sculptural qualities, it almost seems fun until we discover that it is lo linear and flat inside, aside from the lateral bleachers there isnt much spatial work and also even though the summer in london is relatively not freezing it still rains and the protection against that is not resolved well, that is a drawback, in general terms aside from a weak scylptural attempt, gehry continues to show his unninterest for resolving all components of the architecture and is only focused on what provides him visual pleasure, which in my opinion makes his architecture mediocre in general

    cheers ladies!

  • Xit


    why can’t Architects go back to “FORM FOLLOWS FUNKTION” ?

    I think most big clients given the choice would like an endoresed momument from a “celebity” Architect and few of these Architects practice a Bauhaus style or uphold a strict modernist philosophy.

    The “FORM FOLLOWS FUNKTION” is lost on most people and they don’t percieve the value, whereas some crazy facetted building gives people something to stare at and identify.

    I guess most architecture thesedays is gratutitous.

  • John Avlakiotis

    What a waste of materials, energy & time!

    What a shame for the Serpentine… this is the worst -by far- Pavilion ever built there…

    Could Mr Gehry be banned from all European projects please?

  • eduardo

    Was he inspired by the “favelas” (slums) from Rio de Janeiro?
    This is really ugly!



  • mauz

    que asco tu comentario carlitos

  • alejandra

    This is by far the worst serpentine pavillion so far, even worst than the one of last year. Toyo Ito’s, Koolhaas or Zaha’s were much more elegant.

  • Tells it like it is

    Emperor’s new clothes!

  • por lo menos no fue de titanium..

  • si carlitos que asco tu comentario

  • fernando walker h

    ¡Que manera mas atinada de romper los cubos internacionalmente aceptados y repetidos! por parte de Gehry
    y de crear una deconstruccion en base a unas alas como de ave transparentes donde el cielo se multiplica en muchos techos y responden a un diseño libre y fuertemente dinamico. Me gusta mucho y responde contestatariamente
    a las extrañas composiciones monumentales actuales.
    Rompe con el “cubismo” y el “monumentalismo”con “expresionismo” y algo de ” surrealismo”.

  • Carlo

    This proves again that Gehry is only a hairdresser! Totally overvalued!

  • Jonathan

    lots of great deconstructivist projects look like wrecking ball aftermath, but the tectonics here are incredibly sloppy and haphazard and the space is about as dumb and unimaginative as they come. did they give this to the new intern in the office as a favor to his rich parents in hopes of a future house commission? piss poor, ghery…