Cristiano Cora by Avi Oster



Cristiano Cora is a hairdressing salon in New York, designed by architect Avi Oster.


Lighting is concealed behind a stretched-latex ceiling.


The salon includes fixtures from Ross Lovegrove and Valli & Valli.


Photographs by Mikiko Kikuyama.


Here's some more information from Avi Oster:


Cristiano Cora, New York NY, Avi Oster

Our goal was to create a new essence of salon environment that captures the balance between modern architecture and the needs of the hair dressing industry. The fluid movement of the Cristiano salon truly captures the elements of simple modern design while the functionality of the design enables a smoother process of hair dressing.


Translating an idea comprises most of my research. My interest is in finding some new essence or concept within a project, and in using Minimalism as a tool to express this concept. I like the challenge of finding a clever solution to the minimal expression of a potentially large idea.


The vision for this project evolved gradually. Our aim was to create a space that would be distinctly appealing to women; something slightly curved, clean, and stylish, but at the same time comforting and transformational. I began to think about the concept of a shell or cave, or some very basic protective and comforting form that folds around a being, and this motif found its way into the design of the space.

We tried to keep everything clean and to eliminate as much information or distraction besides the experience of the client and the stylist. For instance, there is a separate wet and dry room for laundry services which is kept discreet by a hidden door. We also designed the floor to curve upwards to enable easy sweeping of the hair to the vacuum system's nozzles at the edge of the floor.

The experience of the client is one of transformation. At Cristiano, the simplicity of the design encourages the client's focus to be on the inspiring experience of becoming transformed. In this salon, I wanted to create the sensation for a woman to enter a protected space and emerge transformed; purified, indulged, comforted, and relaxed.

The most unique material we used in this project was the Newmat Light Stretch Ceiling. Developed in France and made from latex, it provides a stretch ceiling that you can use to cover large spaces and create a kind of skin. We also sourced hairdressing industry fixtures from the Maletti Group and Ross Lovegrove, the vacuum system from Imperium, hardware from Valli & Valli, and bathroom fixtures from Duravit.

The floor space is 400 square meters. The project was completed in February 2008, with the total cost coming in at $280,000.

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  • edward

    We have been seeing a number of hair salons lately, and this one goes to a whole new level of ambiance. But can it look so ethereal in reality?

  • brown_ie

    OMG!!!!…wow is really well done, well design and not too “melted” ….good one Dezeen

  • Me

    I can’t decide whether I like this or not. On one hand it has quite a few nice elements of design -including the furnishings- and on the other hand its quite sterile.

  • I think this amazing! – but I pity the cleaner!

  • Quillasophink

    About the almost absolute ‘whiteness’ of the place – how will the day-to-day maintenance take it!? Hair salon – hair on floor? Just random thoughts.

  • B

    pffffff…this is what people thought the future would look like….when we watched 2001 space odissy..I think we know better by now.
    you could have just made it in your computer,..rendered it and see what it looks like…building it for real just doesn’t add anything..apart from that you can actually use it…

  • LL

    It looks like an airplane. Nice airplane. But I still prefere a spanish casas made from stone. Architecture do not necessery need the modern technology to survive.

  • It should be very easy to clean…when the hair on the floor can be seen easily.

  • Lim

    Very nice! I agree that it is quite sterile, but when people are starting to come in.. Now that is a different feel isnt it! I believe that this particular space can capture and highlight the user rather than being an independent artwork.

  • I believe the floor has a vacuum built into the floor all around the edge (and the floor curves up into it) so you can sweep the hair off to the sides, and whoosh! it’s gone.

  • completely opposite of yet i love it so………
    it has so much within it with so little to beam out……
    once again….. love it…..

    if anyone is interested….. please check out in Chicago..
    different taste……… yet still sophisticated style….

    thank you…

    GREAT POST>>>>

  • Interesting adaptation of Lovegrove’s Go chair, turning it into the rotating & elevating salon chair. Very clever, and nice attention to detail with the actuator pedal on the base staying in the same style as the original piece.

    I loved this chair until I first sat in one about a year ago. It’s beautiful, but more than noticeably uncomfortable. They’re going to have to either pad them or swap them once people start complaining. Ah the luxury of being an interior designer who never has to use the spaces created. +points for image/style thought…

  • daniel

    this is just great. I know minimalism is a past. But keeping in mind that this is hair salon, this place is all about hair and the love for the hair styles. Everything else should disappear into background and i think that’s the way hair salon should be – get rid of all the distracting equipment and products out of the sight!

    This space is clean, simple – therefore naturally putting a spot light on the end user and his/hers hair style.

    And i love about that floor built in vacuum system. (if it is true)

    i think it really achieved great balance between the minimalism and functionality.

    I think there’s a lot of detailed thoughts put into this to come up with this simple clean design.

  • It looks locomotive but also look very fresh and deep white… i wonder what can they clean? And where is hair dryer or other material?

  • “What you see is not always what you get”: a perfect statement for this unexpected Hair Salon. Get ready for a transformational experience. The moment you set foot into this curvaceous cocooned environment you are bound to surrender. Your mind will immediately become empty of the city’s frenzy and you will become filled with peace and purity. This pristine architectural design is exactly what you need for your inner and outer transformation. The moment you sit down facing the mirror, the indirect lighting will not only make your face glow but will also make you float into infinite comfort.. Let’s face it, this is not an ordinary visit to your hair salon, it is a “metaphysical happening”. You will never be the same again, this design will seduce you, possess you and will have you tell the world of your extraordinary journey…. “What you see is not what you get”

  • Sabir


  • Tim

    Heaven! I wonder if God will get his/her hair cut here.
    Simply wonderful.

  • Roy Margalit

    I like this plan very much.
    It is clean and interesting. Very nice.

  • This is the most seductive salon I’ve ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Congratulations to the creator!!!

  • shreyank

    feels like a prefect plot for a action movie… amused by the visuals…