Melissa interior by Rosenbaum Design



Rosenbaum Design created an interior for Brazilian footwear brand Melissa during São Paulo Fashion Week in June.


Melissa commissioned the design to celebrate 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil.


Conveyer belts carry Melissa shoes around the interior under neon lighting. The designers claim the wall coverings have "the same texture of origami papers" and benches are shaped like origami birds.


See Melissa's collaboration with Brazilian designers the Campana Brothers in our earlier story.


Here's some text from Rosenbaum Design:



Melissa is a global fashion icon that transforms plastic spheres into objects (shoes) of desire.


Melissa went to Orient for the celebration of the Japanese immigration centenarian in Brazil, the lounge brings textures, icons and concepts not only referring to Japan, but also the technology and tradition of this culture.


“At this lounge, the tradition and technology meet and get mixed, like it happens in Japan. Being the paper luminaries made by origami, or the roller mats taking the Melissas or to the lighted cross of color neon and millenary types of prints” (Marcelo Rosenbaum)


  • The walls are covered with the same texture of origami papers
  • The Tokio underground ceiling
  • The melissas sandals exposition is done at a mat, typical at Japanese restaurant
  • The luminaries are garlands with a maximum mix of this culture, like the origami, the rice paper luminaries, maneki nekkos...
  • The benches are huge tsurus











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  • Sc hu yl er

    I can’t believe my keyboard is working after I just vom-ed on it. There is awful, then there is so awful it’s cool, then there’s the next level which is so awful it’s even awful for awful. See above.

  • zuy

    now marcel wanders is a minimalist

  • M!

    stay there for 5 min with eyes wide open and you win a melissa´s shoe.

  • Lite

    unhappy …

  • shaggynette

    fortunately for everybody there is no door to enter in that space, unfortunately a photograph has been sacrificed.

  • Jeremiah

    It is “design” like this that makes me fear for architects and designers the world over. No design, cookie-cutter houses and strip malls make me cringe, but somehow that at least is bearable compared to this. Aimless, pointless design makes me lose hope that design can help the world. This is design for the sake of design, and design is supposed to be about more than itself. This is one of the worst things I have seen in a very long time. It is Pointless.

  • scruces

    does it look better on acid?

  • bill

    i just threw up in my mouth

  • rodrigo

    …. terrible… just awful…

  • yrag

    What? It looks like any number of New Wave clubs I was in during the 80s.

  • M. Elm

    It’s quite nice! I like it! I wonder why minimalism consistently gets more appreciated on this blog? A lot of architects I guess…

  • zuy

    it’ is the theme of “hyper-decoration” explored by numerous fabrics ,fashion, furniture and wallpapers designers in the world…

  • zuy

    there is a neo barock hyperdecoration by dutch designer , there is also a japonese hyperdecoration ( see in Moroso collection)mixed here with patchwork technique , it’s saturation of eyes and may be rejection….

  • kingmu

    hello kitty.
    goodbye yellow brick road.

  • Malice

    It’s the “normal style” Rosembaum likes to work. Fortunately I see there are lots of people that doesn’t swallow these things so easy as brazilian’s do…

  • Azeem


  • rodrigo

    ..I am so sorry Malice, I am brazilian and thx god I dont “swallow” these things “so easy”….

  • *MIRTEC*

    “Melissa commissioned the design to celebrate 100 years of Japanese immigration to Brazil.”
    >>> japanese patterns are much more beautiful… but i guess melissa is happy though..
    btw: like the shoes ;-)

  • One

    It is certainly not minimal, but it says there are lots of other movements on this earth, which is comperehensible and therefore good.

  • chatte noire

    to each his own, be it minimalism or hyperdecoration….but the main point is that the shoes, which r supposed to be the centerpoint of the store, the display of which is the function the store is supposed to serve…r totally eclipsed. U can barely see them amongst the whole carnival inside…..not to mention a few mins inside the store might jus induce a headache…..

  • Vunka

    beautiful, playful, bold, original!!

    if design is supposed to help the world as someone here mentioned (really? design is a Mesiah? or who is Mesiah? :]] hmmm) then it definitely helped me – to lose another prejudices..

  • headplow

    Azeem summed up my initial thoughts perfectly. Total chaos! This environment would surely trigger seizures in patrons.

  • Wanda

    the sore commentaries on that show that minimalism is only legal design now. in my opinion it is totalitarian

  • hi guys. i would LOVE to have the contact address of ROSENBAUM DESIGN sao paulo. could you please send it to me? would love to apply in their studio. thx so much! best, angie