Mr. Matsumoto at Paul Smith


Fashion designer Paul Smith presents an exhibition of objects by Japanese artist Mr. Matsumoto (Boku) at his store in Covent Garden, London this month.
The wood and brass objects will be shown at Paul Smith's Floral Street store from 15-20 September to coincide with London Fashion Week and London Design Festival.


The following info is from Paul Smith:



BOKU was born in a small seaside village in Japan in 1962, and started his career as an artist in 1990 after learning woodwork at Shimane Polytechnic Institution. He has loved music, creative work and the sea since he was a child. Currently he works as an essayist, a singer-songwriter as well as an object artist.


There have been more than sixty solo exhibitions so far, most of them in Tokyo. His works have been used on CD jackets, book jackets and also as unique characters in TV dramas and movies. Some of his works are being displayed and enjoyed at nursing institutions, hospitals and in shop windows. His essays written about his work and inspiration have been published in various magazines and newspapers, and have  fascinated many readers. He lives in Shimane, Japan.


“I feel much honored that my works are to be exhibited at Paul Smith's Shop in London. My objects, which are made of pine and brass, are mostly extraordinarily common things around us in everyday life. For it is there that I find the most universal human stories. I hope you will enjoy my works.”

The Matsumoto boku website is:

  • One

    Nostalgy made fancy is very fshinable, donno if this is sad fo Matsumoto, but may be he is already happy that it is ehibite. But in essence Fashion industry and the workhas little in common,…

    Would this be an workabl inspiration for new Microsoft produc line? I hope so.

  • Zenza

    This is rubbish, yet that robot reminded me of the Bauhaus “wood face”…

  • mama

    Another PR attemp by the rag-trade industry to disguise their uber-consumerism driven activites as art. Interestingly enough, Mr Matsumoto (accidentally) succeeds to point out the said truth behind the fashion empires – the low-paid and abused sweatshop workers producing luxury goods for the wealthy – as seen here in the basic sewing machine finish with its uncomfortable seat. The joke is on you Paul Smith.

  • bokem