Venice Architecture Biennale: Giardini pavilions



Here are some photos of the pavilions and installations at the Giardini, one of the two main venues of the Venice Architecture Biennale which opened this weekend (see our photos of the installations at the Arsenale in our earlier story). Above: Swiss pavilion.


Above: Japanese pavilion - greenhouses by Junya Ishigami.


Above: the Estonians have installed an oil pipeline as their contribution.


Above: German pavilion.


Above: Swiss pavilion again.


Above: Interbreeding Field by Li H Lu.


Plants are a big theme this year. Above: vegetables at the US pavilion.


Above: Fantastic Norway caravan.


Above: installation by Ai Weiwei and Herzog de Meuron in the Italian pavilion - one of a series of installations by various architects, artists and designers under the heading Masters of the Experiment.


Above: the Belgian pavilion has confetti on the floor, and that's about all.


Above: bench.


Above: bridge.


Above: the Italian pavilion (which no longer displays Italian architecture).


Above: Spanish pavilion.


Above: Shelter for God.


Above: the bridge on the route between the Giardini and the Arsenale.


Above: more Biennale branding on the Grand Canal.

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  • matt

    where is the architecture?

  • beautiful greenhouse

  • azeem

    Man I was expecting more serious stuff after seeing the pics of the other project!!

  • jarmo k

    this is an unbelievably unnecessary post… don’t you think it’s a kinda pointless to post one photo and saying e.g. “this is by the belgians”, without trying to explain what the installation represents?!

    i’m 100% sure that all these projects are far more intelligent than what you could expect from this post…

    for example, the estonians’ gas pipe seems at first like a stupid / weird idea, but that’s only when not knowing the political, environmental, ironical context of this installation…

    that’s what the authors of the gas pipe installation from salto architectural office have to say:

    “the installation comprises of an elevated section of real scale gas pipe along the public pathway in giardini, between the pavilions of russia and germany. the initial project of nord stream to build the pipeline into the baltic sea has been widely contested from ecological as well as geographical positions. the installation does not posit solutions but rather questions reality, posing and framing problems concerning mechanisms determining the contemporary physical environment. the installation highlights the spatial dimension of politics and the political dimensions of architecture.”

    more about the nord stream gas pipe:

    and @ matt – architecture is everywhere!

  • gaque

    junya ishigami, looks cool stuff!
    please more photos of this

  • Michael

    Was the international community’s perception of this event to be a joke?

  • Esa

    the bridge (w/blue balloons) looks cheap and pointless and its blocking the path.

    the shelter for god isnt good enough for the homeless, it looks like a turd on fire.

    the people on deck chairs seem tired, lost and confused.

    the people outside the italian pavillion are confused (nothing italian there).

    the bench is ugly, i would like to here how the artist ended up with that as a finished exhibit i really could of designed something better in just a few minutes HONESTLY.

    confetti on the floor with 2 poundland chairs WOW.

    the installation by Ai Weiwei and Herzog de Meuron is mediocre as is the caravan and the german pavillion.

    the Interbreeding Field by Li H Lu, the pipe line, the japanese and swiss pavillions i like they look interesing in their environments.

  • shima

    i like German’s pavilion,
    but it’s not about Architecture :-D

  • lame.

  • Berliner

    The Biennale is the only venue, where architects can finally be artists. Fortunately they are not. Otherwise we would have to tolerate such misery more often than every other year.

  • unpopular

    I am reminded of this wonderful old song by Alanis Morisette:

    …And isn’t it ironic…don’t you think
    A little too ironic…and, yeah, I really do think…

  • Név*

    #to matt:
    Architecure is beyond.:D

  • Katia